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Forced BBCode

This discussion is related to the Forced BBCode addon.
edited December 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Forced BBCode


  • Could anyone please tell me what would happen with the HTML comments after activating this extension? Do they get messed up or do they stay the way they are? Thank you very much.
  • I'm pretty sure they should stay as they are, as long as you keep the HTML formatter installed. That way it should still know how to format the posts which were originally formatted in HTML, it just shouldnt let you format any new ones as such. Regardless, if you install this extension and it does somehow mess them up it shouldnt be much work to fix it.
  • Thanks Mini. Tested it and the HTML simply gets ignored, even if the HTML extension is still active. Is there a chance to get old posts still working? I don't got a clue when it comes to PHP, sorry.
  • Eh? Wierd...Sounds like the forced bbcode just ignores whatever the post is set to in the database rather than setting new posts to bbcode and removing the formatting options.
  • See this comment:
    No this one is better:

    I am at the origin of the bad hack... I also found the good one ;-)
  • How difficult would it be and what is the best approach if I wanted to add one particular tag whose content would be parsed by an external parser?

    What I mean is, suppose I'd like BBCode not to parse de [code] tag and instead let me parse it with Geshi -I know there's already a Geshi extension but it works through AJAX and I'd like to have the code coloured directly without having the user ask-, what would be the best point to capture the code tag parsing?
  • i have a bug in this editor


    u can see here what will happen when i enable the extension .

    how can i fix it ?
  • any chance of having youtube/stage6 embeded content tags?
  • How would I go about removing a tag?
    I want to disable [color]
  • Is there any support for the Add Comment extension? It would be cool to have the BBCode bar show up even in that form.
  • embed and object tags not working with this extension.
    please fix it.
  • OK, nice it crashed my Vanilla instalation it now redirects to blank page.
  • It works fine. But how can I show the panel for unauthenticated users? I´m using "GuestPost 1.4.1"
  • I seem to remember that guespost forces it to html
  • @Minisweeper That´s not a problem. I modified guestpost, now it writes BBCode. The problem is to show the panel for unauthenticated users.
  • Sadly, this doesn't work on IE 6..

    Granted people shouldn't be using 6.0, but a few of the people in my forum do.

    What happens is, and this is just an example for links.. when they highlight text and press link, after typing a link and clicking OK, it inputs two sets of url code.

    Any thoughts (other than forcing them to upgrade browsers or telling him to not use bbcode)?
  • It changes br's to p's so it mess's the style up. How do i fix this
  • Is there a way to make all links added through a comment open up in a new window? Thanks in advance.
  • I had to rename the Javascript function 'insert' to 'BB_insert' and change the function calls in default.php accordingly, as it seemed to clash with another script and didn't call the function properly. Perhaps place all the function definitions in their own namespace?
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