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  • I can't find this addons in vanilla 1.1.5a where put this addons?
  • Hi German friends - i've made a German translation for the CategoryRoles meldet euch bei mir, wenn ihr es haben wollt (that's German...)
  • Will this allow me as the Admin to limit access to certain Categories?

    If not - any suggestions on how to do this?

  • I think the 'ReadMe.txt' (main folder) and 'readme.txt' (the theme subfolder) files are out of date. Both contain references to the '<Vanilla>/forum/theme' folder. I believe the correct path, as of Vanilla 1.1.5a, is '<Vanilla>/themes', e.g. 'path/to/vanilla-1.1.5a/themes'.
  • Over on the Chronlogocial thread, we're having a littre problem with this add-on : Apparently it's one line missing in CategoryRoles template : can someone have a look ? Thanks a million...
  • Hey great extension :)

    One thing I did notice - if you start a discussion, you cannot create it in any category that you do not have access to, which is correct.

    However, once your discussion has been started, you are able to move it into any category, regardless of whether you have access to it.

  • @patrict Indeed. This bug is still here and quiet frankly it's a show stopper.
  • The problem @patrict points could be a show-stopper for me too. Unfortunately it undermines the entire purpose of this extension.

    Perhaps there is some way in \themes\panel.php around line 30 where it loops through the Key/Link items there could be a test to see what the currently logged in user's role permissions are and skip the "Move this Discussion" link so it doesn't appear under Options in the side panel. It's beyond my PHP coding abilities, but maybe someone will be inspired.

    The other thing I find confusing is, even though I uncheck "Move any discussions" in Roles & Permissions, Members are still able to move any of their own discussions. I expected this setting to prevent them from moving any discussions including their own, but unfortunately this is not the case.
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