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Meta Tags

This discussion is related to the Meta Tags addon.
edited March 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Meta Tags


  • Please rename the extenison itslef to "MetaTags 0.1" so that the update can find it. Thank you!
  • Version number changed from 0.1 to 1.0 - if it's meant to be 0.1 then I'm sure Vincent will change it back...
  • Since Vanilla 1.1.x, the Head control has a $Meta property. Check /themes/head.php, line 10: while (list($Name, $Content) = each($this->Meta)) { $HeadString .= ' <meta name="'.$Name.'" content="'.$Content.'" />'; }

    you can use with:$Head->Meta['Description'] = 'My beautiful forum, lots of good advices on stuff';
    Or if you want to add a Meta element from a function or a class:global $Head; $Head->Meta['Description'] = 'My beautiful forum, lots of good advices on stuff';
  • It's really a 0.1 release.

    Currently there is no form to edit the default meta tags, and you have to edit the default.php file to set the tags in the many scenarios that the hack cannot determine which words to use.
  • In the default.php Extension Name: Meta Tags

    On this site MetaTags.

    Can we get this updated please?
  • This OK now too?
  • I've just tested.
    I have a nice message 'ok... this part hasnt bee finished yet...'
  • Any updates to this? Something like this would be great if you could get it so it would auto-generate descriptions AND keywords for every discussion...
  • I though it did this already?
    A description is easy enough as it grabs the first para or so.
    How it would grab keywords though is a little more complex.
    Say the first 20 words longer than 7 letters?

    Posted: Friday, 27 July 2007 at 9:57AM

  • Could anyone help me because the description is not rendering foreign characters incorrectly?

    In source code, the foreign characters are rendered like &#2y513;D&#26t115;...........
  • Is this still active?

    One way to to do dynamic keywords (but probably intensive keyword tool) would be to check the density of keywords. then pick the top 5. So, Count all words longer than 5 letters or more, then, the words with the top 10 density words would then be put in to a meta keywords tag for each discussion. It would be nice if the quantity of letters and the quantity of keywords were a setting. Another route is to look for pairs of words too. Like: keyword tool (how often are those two words used.) So, count all words longer than 5 letters, then do all pairs of keywords and count them and identify the top 10. Again, I don't know how much this would slow down the page, but just an idea.
  • RaizeRaize vancouver ✭✭
    This is working with 1.1.5a, hopefully it helps with SEO. It basically takes the first 50 words of the first post and puts it in into the meta description of the site.

    Don't forget you can edit keywords and descriptions by opening up the default.php file.
  • The Meta Tag extension doesnt work,I says (ok,...theres more to be done) please guys is there a way around this? Thanks!
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