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This discussion is related to the DiscussionExcerpt addon.
edited February 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help


  • In the preview picture for this extension, every discussion is listed with a thumbnail picture next to it. How is this being done? - is it done by this extension, or by another?
  • I believe that is Jim's Category Icons extension at work.

    Posted: Sunday, 29 April 2007 at 10:39AM

  • jimw - is there any way to prevent HTML from being rendered in the post? If a user posts an image and / or YouTube video it parses it and breaks the flow of the discussion listings.
  • mis-one: I'll look into that.
  • jimw - sorry for the bother.. i just wrapped a strip_tags around it and it seems to working just fine!
  • I guess I could make that an option - leave in HTML or strip the tags out.
  • I've been playing around with a new option to display excerpts in a 4-across grid. I got the idea from a WP theme called Particles. It doesn't look good with CategoryIcons. And the displat varies with themes/styles. But what do you think?

  • Very cool concept jimw!
  • Is there a way to allow BB code ? Now i can see all BBcode tags on main site and it looks strange.
  • mis-one used the strip_tags function to eliminate the code. Should work for you, too.
  • OK, thanks for help, i will try it.
  • seems it doesnt work for me :/ HTML code is OK, but BBcode tags are always visible.
  • Looks like I'll have to do some reading up on BBcode and BBcodeparser and the Better BB Code Parser.
  • I believe it has something to do with HTML being natively supported by Vanilla, but other formatters not being. I think HTML may be treated slightly differently to all the others, so it is the only one that will show up properly. I have put in a bug request for this regarding tags showing up in search results as well, but it was completely ignored. Would be great to get this fixed tbh as it looks a bit shoddy.

    Edit: jup, here it is.
  • Maybe all I have to do is convert the BBCode to Html and then strip it out. I did see a function in one of the BB add-ons that does this.
  • To be honest, this is something that should be done at the Vanilla level, not your extension, since then it will work with all formatters.

    It needs to do something like this:
    1. Parse comment except as usual using whatever formatter assigned (this will create HTML tags).
    2. Strip out HTML formatting.
    Relatively simple in principal ,I don't know how complex in reality. But like I say, if this gets fixed in Vanilla, then it will work for ALL formatters and extensions that display comment excerpts.

    At the end of the day, feel free to hard code it into your extension, but I think it would only be a stop gap.
  • There is a problem with tis ext. - If we have it activated, and write two or more new discussions with the same titles (topics), this extension show us content both of this discussions. I think, It recognize discussions by titles (names) instead ID of discussion. Please try it - just start two or more new discussions with the same topics, and look on main site - second discussion will be contained with two descriptions - first and second discussion.
  • I see the problem, but now need to noodle a bit to come up with a fix.
  • Hmm, any idea ?
  • I'm sorry I haven't been back to this as other things have happened in our family that have distracted me. I know that when I started looking at this and looking for a solution, I didn't see one. The problem is that I am basically doing a "search and replace" as the grid is being built. What is needed is a unique way to identify each discussion different than what I am doing so that is gets the correct discussion.

    It would probably involve re-designing the add-on, but I would appreciate any other add-on developers if they could look and see a solution that I don't see.
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