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Crude RSS



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    there's something about the URL that both feedburner and feed validators don't like. i may try a redirect url and see if that works.
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    It could be your server. For instance, I can grab the feed from the Vanilla Forum's search page and run it through the feed validator:

    The validator seems to be able to read it ok.

    Do you know if the RSS2 add-on gives you the same problem from the search page feeds on your server? There isn't that much that's fundamentally different from CrudeRSS and the RSS2 addon's basic search feeds. So, they should work the same way.
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    you're right dan, it seems to work now. thanks for persevering. great work!!
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    Hi everyone, just a small note:
    wrong path in the readme file
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    Hi, I would like to help for this extension to be improved.
    I just noticed few things, but first I'd like to know how we can proceed, I couldn't reach Dan until now.
    Cheers, Chris.
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    grahack, To be honest, I've done all that I know how to do with it. So, you're welcome to take it over if you'd like. If you're serious about keeping on top of it, maybe we can get Mark or Minisweeper to transfer the access privileges for maintaining CrudeRSS directly to you. Just let them know directly if you're up for the task. (Mark or Mini, that's fine with me). If not, then feel free to branch off and create a brand new RSS Add-On using CrudeRSS as a start. I think we all would look forward to your improvements.
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    Well, I just wanted to add some more internalization, and move the config items in another file, maybe with another format...
    Nothing really serious, but I'm serious, and I have time for this and maybe for some debugging or feature request work too (I'm sure I can trust people here to help me!!!).

    Ok then, I sent an email to both of them, we'll see how they want to proceed.
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    grahack: wishing, wishing, wishing for authenticated RSS to work if this is within your skill-set.
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    MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Okay, this addon belongs to grahack now.

    Grahack - if you have any problems, just let me know (by email preferrably).
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    /me did all that without even lifting a finger.
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    Thanks guys! and good luck to you, Grahack.
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    Ok guys, thanks for trusting me.
    I'm gonna fork it (first time ever, please forgive and tell me if I do it wrong), because maybe it will be able to handle rss AND atom, so I'd like to change the name.

    Feel free to join, at least for creating tickets!!!
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    I must be really tired, but I don't see a place to join on that link. I only have 1 ticket to add for the moment (maybe you can add it for me): - When someone uses the HTML formatter extension, the RSS feed displays the written HTML tags in the feed (instead of leaving them as HTML).
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    I don't know assembla well yet, maybe you could try to create an account on assembla, then try to reach me (grahack), or apply for this assembla project... Then I'll give you more permissions.
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    Hijacking this discussion to announce Feed Publisher.

    I started to catch some old requests (auth feeds, mod_rewrite support...) but I'm not clear with the actual state of 'RSS feed', 'ATOM feed' or 'CrudeRSS'. Please help me and register to the Assembla project!
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