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This discussion is related to the David addon.
edited March 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help


  • Can you set a category in which the sticky will be visible in the discussion page ?
  • Uploaded version 1.0.1 of David.
  • This should do what you want Dinoboff. If the instructions are not clear, please let me know.
  • Haven't installed this yet, looks good, but just a little rant.
    {rant on}
    This new trend of naming new extensions like people... (Janine, Mary & David) is silly and confusing.
    Is there anything wrong with naming it based on what it does, e.g. STICKY DISCUSSION HIDER
    {rant off}

    *edit: removed screaming boldface after explanation*
  • Sure its not intuitive, but in this case noble.

    Condolances, Jim.
  • Wall/Jim... am I missing some underlying history? (or silly details such as a foot in my mouth?)
  • I thought the name odd at first too--then I saw the code.

    Comments in the code say the extension is dedicated to his nephew, who recently passed in an accident.
  • plop! (remove foot to talk)

    "Sorry to hear that Jim..."

    !polp (re-inserts foot as due punishment)
  • I'm also sorry to hear that but I must say that generally speaking it is a little silly. Aslong as they have decent descriptions and are well tagged I dont mind though. Janine has almost become a member of this forum at the rate she's being talked about!
  • Highly inappropriate thought I could not suppress: "Janine is really a bit of a sl*t... she 'interfaces' with just about every blog!"
  • rofl
  • Personal reasons aside, there are drawbacks to using "descriptive" names for add-ons.

    A descriptive name might not be accurate any longer if you add to or change the functionality of your add-on (a trap I've fallen into before). Also it can cause confusion if there's another add-on out there with the same functionality.

    I agree that a good description is much more important than a descriptive name. Besides, we're making Vanilla add-ons, not heart medication. We can afford to be a little informal.
  • Sq., can see the 'similar add-ons' issue, but IMHO add-ons are like functions/procedures in a program:
    - Small is better. Simple is better.
    - If it grows too large, split it up into logical units.
    - If the name does not cover what it does, rename it.

    Hence, an add-on that does something new should be a NEW add-on, and any add-on that's too difficult
    to describe because it resembles a swiss army knife should be split into separate distinct add-ons.
    Wouldn't you do the same thing while programming?

    The 'changing functionality' point is the *exact* reason to *avoid* non-descriptive names, as archived
    discussions about the add-on would no longer make sense and 'non-current' knowledge isn't good enough
    to refer another person to the right add-on.

    Personally, the thought of this new trend resulting in a list of 20 installed add-ons with names like Jack,
    Jill, Tom, Dick & Harry, requiring me to read the descriptions or look them up on the add-on site makes
    me cringe... Who has the time to keep current with all of that?

    If a developer desire to 'brand' their add-ons, more power to them, but why promote more confusion?
    Ex, "Squirrel's Discussion Thread Starter for Blogs" tells me way more than "Janine"
    "Janine - Blogging Integration Tools for Vanilla" as well...
  • After enabling this extension, all the whispers become visible (but not accessible).
  • Maybe someone else can help me understand your issue.

    You said: When I enable your extension, I can see everyone else's private discussions (and I unchecked that permission for my role), but can't access them. I don't want to see them at all - just like when the extension was disabled.

    If you could email me a screenprint of what you see, that would help me a lot.
  • I don't know if this is what you guys are talking about, but I had something similar - because of some conflict with another add-on or hack of mine, I saw all discussions instead of just the ones from unblocked categories. To fix: replace lines 35-36 with: $SB->AddWhere('t', 'Sticky', '', 0, '=', 'and', '', '1', '1'); $SB->AddWhere('t', 'CategoryID', '', $CategoryToShow, '=', 'or'); $SB->EndWhereGroup(); [This puts the new clause in parenthesis so that it parses correctly with its surroundings]
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