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DavidKDavidK New
edited April 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help


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    Version 0.1 goodness for you all to try out. Let me know if you encounter any problems :)
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    Is this safe to try out on a database who's size is - 540 comments?
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    It's number of discussions that make the difference, I would pause and think hard about it if you had over 10,000 discussions. In that scenario I'd advise you wait for the version that produces static files.
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    I have produced a 0.2 version that generates static files limited to 20,000 Urls per file.

    However I do not want to publish that until I have been able to test it.

    Does anyone have a forum with, say, 15,000 discussions (some spanning multiple pages)? If you do, and you are willing to beta test this extension, please contact me.
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    I've seen other sitemaps that have a link to a stylesheet in it so that it displays nicely formatted. Does this interfere with the search engines? Or is it there so we humans can view the sitemap nicely formatted?
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    Adding an Xsl style sheet wouldn't interfere with the sitemap at all.

    If you were a small site this isn't a bad idea, but as you grow and face multiple sitemap files, gzip'd, and containing 20,000 URLs each... it's hard to imagine that you would want that to be consumed by a human.
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    Cool, i was waiting for it... Thanks DavidK for your hard work
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    Do you have a large forum Max? If so I could do with someone to test the new version I've made before I move onto a caching and scheduling system.
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    No buddy, i just started last month.. so its just new one
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    We've been waiting for this too. We were going to develop it in-house, but this saves us development time.

    We have around 15,000 members in our database, but only around 1500 discussions right now.

    We'll probably wait until it's caching to start using it activately...
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    DavidK, thanks for this, in the short time after I installed this extension, searching on Google for my name, it comes up as number one!

    Thanks mate, great contribution!

    Posted: Wednesday, 2 May 2007 at 1:40PM

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    # jdingman:

    I can supply you with the version that generates static files if you want.

    The full cache version I should have done tomorrow night, and will basically involve you installing the extension and then putting a cron job on your server to generate it daily.

    I'm already using the static file version (20k urls per file), and it's very nice at what it does - it's going to hurt peoples head to read the code ;) The caching is a simple method that writes out a sitemaps_index file and uses the timestamp of the file to determine whether or not to generate a new sitemap yet. If it's within 23hrs, it will not generate a sitemap... essentially this means it only gets generated once a day, and if you add a cron job you are in control of the time that it gets generated.
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    Right now I'm feeling really, really stupid. How is this suppose to work? I've installed it, activated it and...? When I input in the address bar I get: Notice: Undefined variable: PostBackAction in mylocaldirectory/public_html/extensions/Sitemaps/default.php on line 219 I've tried it in your site and it works fine. What am I doing wrong?
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    You have the latest version of Vanilla?

    $PostBackAction is supposed to be the variable in the Url that comes through.

    You could whisper me the Url to your installation and I'll go look too. A phpinfo() page would be useful too.
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    Had the same problem, change the $PostBackAction to $_GET['PostBackAction'] in the if statement and it will work ok.
    Also if you are not on PHP5, then change everywhere there is a date('c'... to date('Y-m-d'...
    Other than that, brilliant works really well.
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    Thanks. It's working! ;)
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    I'll incorporate those changes into the 0.2 version.

    I've been running 0.2 for a while now, so I'll release that later.
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    I'm a newby so my question may be stupid: sorry in advance.
    Once you've installed and activated the extension, how do you know it's working?

    What I gathered from the previous posts is that you're supposed to open a new tab in your browser and cut/paste the following url

    Then what?

    Thanks in advance for your response and help
    and thank you for the extension.
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    Hmm, that's not working at all... as if the code is not being called. It is activated right?
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    well, I don't really know if the code is activated.

    I don't understand what you mean when you write

    "Edit your robots.txt file to include this line to have your Sitemap auto-discovered:

    I'm really sorry for the inconvenience of my questions, I'm really new to all this.

    Thank you very much for your help and patience.
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