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Vanilla Rivals

This discussion is related to the Vanilla Rivals addon.
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Vanilla Rivals


  • Original development topic: here.

    Enjoy :). Hopefully, you'll like it.
  • Can we just apply it to an existing forum, or should we start from scratch?
  • Its just a regular extension. Drop it into your extensions folder, run "" then, enable the extension.

    No need to start from scratch or anything, just drop, run and enable.
  • the instructions in the pack say enable first and then run file. Anyway, I followed the method mentioned here. It say's installation done but queries #12/#13 failed. edit- enabled in panel and re-ran 12/13 now successful but now number 20 has failed. Warning: include(./extensions/vanillarivals/rivals.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/.pilar/vbunet/****.com/forums/extensions/vanillarivals/default.php on line 12 file is there with permissions set to 777
  • Okay the SQL is no big deal, its actually failing because its trying to delete something thats not there, thats fixable. Everything will run fine though. I will update the file and remove the 2 queries when I get a chance.

    Where are you seeing, (general url): "Warning: include(./extensions/vanillarivals/rivals.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/.pilar/vbunet/****.com/forums/extensions/vanillarivals/default.php on line 12" ?

    I just did a fresh install on mine. Ran the installer, then enabled the extension, I dont get that include error.
  • It came up on the installer (once i set the permission and decided to give it another run). Anyway, I have disabled the extention now because it's not really what I require but nevertheless, it's quite a good addon for anyone who needs it :D I look forward to any other vb hacks-->vanilla conversions you do.
  • Uploaded version 0.11.1 of Vanilla Rivals.
  • Strange you got that include error, must have been when you enabled it then installed instead of installed then enabled. Anyways, updated the files: Added better instructions in the readme file, removed the 2 queries that were showing up as failed on install.

  • I feel like the package aint complete yet :), I got a ladder system, tournament system and a clan system ... one thing is missing and thats a league system. Over the next few weeks (bear in mind I do have exams soon), I will work on a league feature.

    A page will show the current active leagues. You click on the league and a page of an X number of divisions will show, in these divisions there will be an X number of clans who face eachother in a round robin ... once all divisions finish their round robin, the top X number of clans in each division who have the most wins, will advance to a single or double elminination tournament .... whoever wins the tournament, wins that league :).

    Fairly easy to code but with exams coming up I dont have much time yet, so bare with me and I will get it into the code as soon as I can.

    Comments welcome :D,
  • The backend, displays, sign-ups etc is all coded for leagues, only thing left is reporting for CCP of leagues and ACP setup/management of leagues. :) Hopefully within this week i'll have the new version up with the leagues addition.

  • Hi, i've downloaded and installed and ran the scrips all successfully but i can't for the life of me figure out what to do with it.

    If this does what I THINK it does then this will be a great addition to the dart league I help run since it's perfectly suited to challenges, ladder, and tourneys. But I cannot get rolling. The control panel shows me 4 options:
    • Create Clan
    • Ladders
    • Tournaments
    • Clan CP
    Is there anything else I need to do to start this up?

    edit: OK - i see now there is suppsed to be an admin page - How do i see that? or is it still being developed?
  • a link named "Rivals ACP" should show up in the panel when you logged in as an admin.
  • I log in as Master Admin. Is there a difference between that and Admin? The only thing that I see in the panel is the above 4 links. is there anything else I should look for?
  • Are you the original admin, the admin who created the forum?
  • yes

    [edit] for what it's was upgraded from Vanilla 0.9.x

    [edit] and as far as I can tell the only differences between Vanilla 0.9.x and the current version, regarding roles, is that in the old version the Admin role was called 'Master Administrator' versus 'Administrator' now and the Role Id was 6, versus 4 now.
  • Hmm very strange, If you have access to your DB via phpmyadmin or something, open LUM_Users (I think thats the table) and click Browse (if using phpmyadmin) and check for your user, see what the User_Role says and spit it back to me :), please.
  • role id = 6 - 'Master Administrator'
  • Ah, ok. I forgot to add proper permissions and such ... open .../extensions/vanillarivals/rivals/constants.php and change define ( 'ADMIN', 4 ); to define ( 'ADMIN', 6 );, save and upload see if that works then. Ill add proper permissions and such next release.
  • thx - much appreciated
  • that did the trick
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