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This discussion is related to the Blog addon.


  • Hi just a few thing's I'd like to ask and comment on.

    The blog extention is running very well. I'm pleased with it. It support's the emo's and the html. Is it possible to make it support vanillacons too?

    Secondly, once I save a draft.. how do I publish it? It's not showing as it does on the screenshot (not is the published link). Could this be because I havnt added the rewrite rules. (I can't find where my .htaccess is.. it's vanished!).

    The draft does show up if I search for it.. or atleast on the result's page.

    Anyway, Good extention. I like it.
  • Did you give yourself permission to view drafts?
    Go to Roles & Permissions.
    You publish a draft by editing it and deselecting the Draft checkbox
  • For VanillaIcons go to default.php of vanillaicons and chenage line 32 to this
    if (in_array($Context->SelfUrl, array("post.php", "comments.php", "settings.php", "extension.php"))) {
  • Ah Ha! OK got the draft's thing working. Just another comment.

    So by giving the role the permission they can now see the draft.. not only theres but other peoples too.

    If you update this addon can you make it so that roles that do not have permission to view draft don't get the option to save a draft.

    I will try out the line change shortly. I'm just contacting dreamhost regarding the disappearance of my .htacces.

    edit -
    Vanillacons linechange works.
    Added htaccess rules
  • that is true if you cannot view a draft then you shouldn't be able to create one either. I'll fix that. once i accumulate other fixes so i will role all the fixes at once.
  • you forgot to put the 'Start a new blog' into the dictionary set :)
  • huh.
    it's there line 180
    $Context->Dictionary['StartANewDiscussion'] = 'Start a new blog post';
  • I've found one error though. When I have a draft and I decide to click on it's title to view it (note: not edit) I get the following:

    Edited: drafts error has been fixed!
  • wow, a blog for vanilla is what I always wanted.

    anyone got a website with this extension working on it?

    love to see how it looks.
  • Uploaded version 1.0.1 of Blog.
  • Hi, I just noticed the version number needs to be 1.0.1
  • thanks. i had uploaded the wrong buggy version. thanks for the headsup.
    uploading 1.0.1 now
  • Uploaded version 1.0.1 of Blog.
  • The new release works great, however I've a styling problem with IE. It's fine for the default style, but when it comes to something with a sidepanel using a color different from the forum's body, it becomes rather hard to make it look ok.

    With Firefox, no problem, but with IE, the blog layout is stretched to the left and goes under the side panel. I tried various tricks to hide this but for now I'm not really satisified with the results, there's always something wrong (but I'm no CSS expert).

    Here's a screenshot of the problem with my Europe after the Rain style.

    In that case, it means for example that I can't add a specific background to the blog layout without having the background also displayed under the side panel.

    I also had another problem with the bookmarking websites' definitions. Removing them don't remove the text beside icons, but text in the administrative settings. I messed a bit with the Theme.Blog.php file (and the stylesheet) and successfully changed stuff to suit my needs, but I was wondering if there was a simplier way to do that.
  • Wohooo thanks MyShizoBuddy! It's ALL working great :D
  • Uploaded version 1.1.2 of Blog.
  • It looks perfect now :)
    The IE missing image problem pushing the blog footer to the bottom is also fixed, thanks a lot for this!
  • Hi Schizo,
    Sorry to bug you again with styling problems, but there seems to be a blank space above the blog list in IE6. Looks like the old clearing float problem: the blog list is pushed down at the same level than the last item in the side panel.

    I've also noticed the title above the blog list isn't aligned to the left in IE7, but it's also not align above the discussion list, so it certainly doesn't come from your extension.
  • can i see a screenshot. there is no clearing of floats in my code
  • Here's how it looks like in IE6

    Don't mind the messy definitions in the statistics extension, I'm working on the language file. I've also tried with the default style and different items in the panel, and I get the same blank space. The more items in the panel, the bigger the space.
  • regarding the "All Discussion" not being left align. It is actually left aligned. the width however is not 100%
    So open up vanilla.css and look for thishtml > body .ContentInfo h1 width:80% !important; }
    change that width to 100% or 99.5%
  • Uploaded version 1.1.3 of Blog.
  • How can i make the "Start a New Blog Post" link invisible to unauthorized users, i mean i would like to make it visible only to admin.
    And one more question, but i dont know whether this is only on me or not.
    Under not signed in situation, i click the "show all" link, and then i try to sign-in, the page wont be rediricted properly to the sign-in form. It is just redirected to a simple page with site name and lussumo copyright link, no sign-in form.

    tested on a localhost.

    Thanks for the great stuff.
  • ok you want a feature on who can start a new blog post. for that I have have to use delegates, So you the admin will see both "Start a new blog" and "Start a new discussion". non admins or unauthorized users will only see "Start a new discussion"
    sujangUnder not signed in situation, i click the "show all" link, and then i try to sign-in, the page wont be redirected properly to the sign-in form. It is just redirected to a simple page with site name and lussumo copyright link, no sign-in form.
    Nice catch
  • Hey Schizo - thanks for the extension. Saved me from attempting a blog(wordpress)/vanilla integration project... ;)

    One thing - I thought I'd seen this referenced somewhere else, but can't find it now - I get the "discussion counters" extension options link on the sidepanel of the blog page when I'm logged in. I'm presuming that other users can't see it, but was wondering what the fix for that might be...? Ta!
  • One other thing - I've been trying to get the "latest posts" nugget up and running as well. I can get it to display on any other page apart from the blog. Did as sugggested and enabled nuggets after blog...

    Any/all suggestions appreciated.
  • @# jsamlarose
    Did you select the Blog page under Nuggets?

    open default.php in DiscussionCounter
    Line 96 change it to this
    if($Context->SelfUrl == 'settings.php' && $Context->Session->User->RoleID == $managerRoleId)
  • Thanks for the DiscussionCounter fix!

    re: Nuggets - yep, I selected the appropriate page. Played around with that a bit actually, to see if it was turning up on other pages. My blog page actually doesn't show any other sidepanel items at all for an unauthenticated user as it currently stands - not even the livesearch. If I'm logged in (admin) I see the start new post option and blog publish status options, but nothing else. Again, sidepanel items work fine for other pages...
  • Blog extension uses extension.php page. which most extension developers ignore to include. So even if your sidepanel extensions will work in other pages they won't work in extension.php. thats how it is suppose to be. If you want your side panel stuff (other than one created by Nuggets) then you have to include extension.php in the looks like this in_array($Context->SelfUrl, array('settings.php', 'extension.php')) only pages mentioned there will work. So you have to edit default.php and look for a similar line and change it. its pretty simple.
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