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Update for critical security issue in PHPMailer included in release Vanilla 2.3.1
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Duplicate Email Check

This discussion is related to the Duplicate Email Check addon.
edited May 2009 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Duplicate Email Check


  • i thought i'd never say this, but this add-on should actually be in the core.
  • This is fantastic WallPhone, I didn't think it was needed though, as it really should be in the core.

    Does this check for duplicate usernames, emails or both?
  • The core has a duplicate username check already in place, I just modified that code and attached to the delegate right after that point.

    While I do think it's essential, I can think of a couple scenarios where it wouldn't be best added to the core: A support team that uses Vanilla for product support all shares the same email box, and a online game that allows role-players multiple accounts. Plus, I can't help but realize that Vanilla got along fine for more than two years without this, and only one user requested it (AFAIK).

    So maybe just bundle this with the core?
  • Bundled with, or as an option that's off by default - I'm happy any way :D

    Good point on the exceptions though. I suppose it depends on the forum in question as to whether you want to allow it or not.
  • i would think that a vanishingly small percentage of vanilla installs would NOT require duplicate email checking. i have always assumed that it was in the core.

    "option that's off by default" sounds reasonable to me.
  • as per sstawarz's compuzzlement


    this addon should should also add the functionality to reset your password by email address. (if they forget their username as well as their password.) like enter email or username to reset your password.
  • Thank you fysicluvr.

    by the way, this duplicate email check is excellent!
  • Hi Wallphone,

    I wonder if this extension is still needed and works with the current version of Vanilla? I am getting this error when it finds a duplicate email address.

    Undefined variable: UserNamager default.php on line 26

    Trying to get property of non-object default.php on line 26

    Trying to get property of non-object default.php on line 26


  • encountered the same issue as Dan Devine. Appreciate any help in resolving this. thnx!
  • alright, figured out the issue and fixed it. it's a typo on line 26 in $UserManager. replaced it with $UserManager

    $Url = GetUrl($UserNamager->Context->Configuration, 'people.php', '', '', '', '', 'PostBackAction=PasswordRequestForm&Username='.$result['Name']);

    Changed to:
    $Url = GetUrl($UserManager->Context->Configuration, 'people.php', '', '', '', '', 'PostBackAction=PasswordRequestForm&Username='.$result['Name']);
  • Oops! sorry meant to say "$UserNamager" replaced with "$UserManager" in my previous post.
  • by the way I like this makes lot of sense as the core checks only the user name and not email. thanks!
  • Thanks smrtinker,

    Will make the corrections and give it another go!

  • I'm unsure whether this fits the scope of your extension, but here's a problem scenario I would hope the app could deal with:

    Consider that the core app permits users to change their email address
    (via Account tab >> Personal Information)
    I checked the roles/permissions page and don't see a way to disallow this

    Seasoned trolls and seasoned spammers often register using their "real" email address (in case receiving/pasting an "email verification code" is required to activate the account) then later, prior to (or immediately after) misbehaving, they edit their account details -- placing a bogus email address into their account info.

    When you ban the account, they're back in business 15 minutes later -- able to use that same (initial) email address during subsequent account registration.

    To preclude this scenario, the app needs to utilize an additional "prior email" user field, appending (concatenating) the previously active email address into this field each time a user updates his current email address...

    ...and (ideally) your extension would perform the check against the addresses contained in both (current and prior email) fields.
  • Uploaded version 1.1 of Duplicate Email Check.
  • That typo was bizarre... fixed. I've also added a step that skips the email check if there were other fatal registration errors, should be slightly more secure.

    kandina: I really like that email history idea.
  • Love this extension, thanks!
    since the version 1.1 update there's been some issues.
    First, I simply can't get it to work if there are no other errors during the register process. Line #19 seems to be the problem, as it works fine without this line. Can you check it out.

    also on line #32 the redirect to forgot password isn't working. I changed 'PostBackAction=PasswordResetForm&Username=' to 'PostBackAction=PasswordRequestForm&Username=' and it worked then. Is that okay?

    and I noticed there was no '?>' at the close of the page; is that important?

    thanks again for this great extension, hope this helps with some bugs.
  • This doesn't seem to work at all for me, it refuses to check the email and just works as normal. I have enabled the extension. Are there any other settings i need to turn on?

  • Not working in 1.1.10, at least not in my installation. This extension should be in the core package, please someone fix it.
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