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This discussion is related to the CleverEdit addon.


  • Uploaded version 0.1.0 of CleverEdit.
  • If you have the last comment in a discussion and you type in the add comment box at the bottom, will it overwrite or append to your existing comment?
  • It should append to the message, Stash.

  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    I just wanted to say that this extension is an awesome idea. Nice work.

    I'd like to build this functionality into Vanilla2.
  • Jee, shucks. Thanks Mark.

    Look forward to seeing Vanilla2.

  • Uploaded version 0.1.1 of CleverEdit.
  • Somehow this extension is disabling the edit function from my members after they have been logged in for the preset time period regardless of if they are trying to edit or not. If I set the timeout to 5 minutes, after logging in for five minutes the edit function disappears.

    Is this common or some incompatibility on my forum? Thanks.
  • I think you misunderstand the functionality, that is all. The timeout is 5 minutes after a post is made/edited. It is irrespective of time since the user logged in. Or do I misunderstand you?

  • Hmm... I activate the "disable multipost" option and in a day or two it will reset itself. So I have to go back into the settings and click the box and save it again.

    Any ideas on why it might do that? Seems strange...
  • Sounds like an errant cookie setting to me?

    Posted: Saturday, 8 September 2007 at 3:19PM

  • sounds like a great extension but i guess the original timestamp would stay, thus preventing users from 'bumping' posts, am i right?
  • Yes, that was (in my opinion) a welcome byproduct of the extension.

    ChadFenwick, I am not sure what is causing the problem you are experiencing... it is probably an issue with your setup or with the Vanilla core, as I set permissions in the standard way. If you can give me any more info I might be able to help.

  • Well it seems whenever a regular member or a moderator as I have them double post, it resets this. But If I do it, as the Admin, its fine.


    Edit.... Okay it even let me double post and I checked the setting before I tried... Uhhh....
  • can u tell me how to make it so it does the cannot edit older than 15 minutes
    but not combine the psots?
  • I *think* this extension is causing havoc with some of my other extensions, but I'm not sure. I noticed the phenomenon where the edit-timeout resets after the someone edits a post, but at the same time, some of my other extension features were reseting as well. My "Contact Form" contact name & email would reset to earlier settings, as well as my "Offline" status. It might be worth noting that these three are all the extensions I'm running on this install that use admin defined settings.

    Why would that happen? My only thought is that it has something to do with the extension's "DiscussionForm_PostLoadData()" function. The extension throws up a fatal error is the user tries to access the edit feature after the timeout. Would the fatal error be what's causing this? I noticed the issue after I, as admin, edited someone else's post, a non-exempt user. I didn't see a fatal error, but briefly looking at the extension code, I'm not sure what else would cause the software to reset.
  • OK, all those extensions just reset themselves again... I'm not sure if one of my users tried edited something or not. I'm disabling the extension, and we'll see if it does the same thing without "Clever Edit".
  • when a comment is appended to your previous comment, does it reset the users that have read it? (like whether or not it's showed as read for each user) it should behave as if the comment were posted in a new comment, except that it is appended, and it doesn't increase the comment count.
  • Could you please prevent message merging if one of them is private (whisper) and the other is public and whispers to the different users? Thanx!
  • OK, I've made this extra condition about line 66:

    if($Row['AuthUserID'] == $Context->Session->UserID && $Row['WhisperUserID'] == 0)

    but it works only if the first message is a whisper (not vice versa).
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