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Profile Discussions



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    the title of the page still has problems
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    what do you mean by the title of the page? in the browser?
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    at the top instead of saying "account page - blah blah blah"
    it just says "- blah blah blah"
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    Uploaded version 2.0 of Profile Discussions.
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    is account title fixed now? thanks
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    OK, this version contains the following changes:
    + Hamed's page title issue (it only happened on your own account page)
    + Added bobthecow's configuration options
    + Better definitions, thanks again to bobthecow
    + Removed the username from the discussion list title
    + No longer appears when changing other account settings

    I've only tested in the default theme on Safari, FF, O, and IE7. IE7 still has some extra white space that is on the TODO, but testing in other themes will be priority.
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    Great new version! The discussions don't show up in the wrong places anymore! :D Unfortunately it still shows the discussions below the footer with the theme I'm using. This happens in all mentioned browsers apparently. Would be awesome if you could figure out a solution for this. I'm testing with a variant of the 'Grace' theme.
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    the same thing happens for me
    it is below the footer
    hope you can fix this soon
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    i think i have a little fix (only tested in firefox), i've tested with the default theme and also blogger and vanbook:

    in line 56, remove the inline styling (well, if you desire you may want to leave some margin-left):

    echo '<div id="DiscussionsPage">';
    in line 67, reset the control position:

    $Page->AddRenderControl($DiscussionGrid, $Configuration['CONTROL_POSITION_BODY_ITEM']);
    any noticeable drawback?
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    alrighty thanks i will check it out tomorrow
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    Would it be possible to extend this to also view the users last few comments? Not all users create new discussions, and I would like to give my commentators some love. ;)

    If I can help out in any way then just say how. I'm relatively new to PHP but can work on most problems.
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    interesting idea
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    Should be possible.

    [=============================================================] <-- Vanilla ideas
    [==] <-- Time
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    Is there a way to get something similar but with bookmarked discussions? Thanks
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    If you're comfortable coding, you can get that by pretty easily by combining some code from Discussion Pages into this extension. Otherwise, I'll add it to a TODO for the extension.
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    Thanks for your answer WallPhone, but i don't know PHP :( so it was only a suggestion feature. Thanks
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