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YahooUI Text Editor

YahooUI Text Editor


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    this is just a picture
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    This would be so cool if it was packaged into an addition.

    It's a formatter I would actually use, much better than the current offerings which are bloated, slow and not fully compatible.

    I have tested it and it works beautifully, I can actually see my people using it and loving it.

    Any one capable of doing it? We'll name the next comet after you!
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    Per the link below I had to email the extension to Minisweeper so he could add the extension. The .zip file is just an image right now because the full file size exceeded the normal max upload.

    Large add-on file - help! # 7

    Minisweeper, did you receive the extension from me? I used the address in your profile page.
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    OK, for now I've uploaded the extension at Divshare. You can get it here:
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    Hmmm, does not work well in Safari 3 under Leopard, this is a shame because the demo on Yahoo worked perfectly.

    The font and style menus appear offset about 1" to the left of where they should be and are not selectable.

    Also, the picture upload does not work.

    Bummer :-(

    Posted: Wednesday, 14 November 2007 at 7:55PM

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    I can confirm the "Font Name and Size" and "Paragraph Style" offset bugs that Wanderer mentioned (in fx2.0.0.9). However, I can select the fonts by clicking the respective height in the dropdown menu. Clicking on the actual font name does not work.

    Image uploading doesn't work for me either, even when the /img/ directory is 777

    Tut tut, thumbs.db in the /img/ directory :P
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    Is this a CSS conflict perhaps?
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    That would be my guess for the list items not showing up in the correct place – it wouldn't explain the images not uploading though...
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    Did I read somewhere that there was additional "hacking" required to get uploads to work?

    OK the supplied version has the hack built in.
    This demo works OK in Safari except for the picture upload bit.

    By the way, IE 7 plays well with it because as usual, this is the default standard by which all morons cpmply.
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    IE6 and IE7 are the most used browser on internet so web application that doesn't work for them are quite useless. It would be great if everybody had drop IE for a decent browser, but that's not the case.

    And we already had this discussion before, YUI editor has been built on safari2 and them adapted to the other Grade A YUI browser.
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    We've had this discussion but nothing sunk in.
    IE is NOT standards compliant.
    Writing for such a browser is selling your soul.
    Write to standards, let things break on IE, let the people demand compliance!

    Posted: Thursday, 15 November 2007 at 10:39PM

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    Not making website compatible with IE might have an impact if Yahoo or Google were doing it. If the websites that are using YUI doesn't work in IE, IE user will just stop using these sites.

    It is not about our souls. W3C Standards are not the stone tablets. You should seriously stop to worship Apple and Steve Job.
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    Wanderer, my heart (and soul) completely agrees with you. But if you are writing web software to actually enable you to earn a living, then it's just not practical. Idealistic views have their place and push us to be better, but we can't always indulge them immediately 100%.
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    Dinoboff mate, it's nothing to do with Apple nor Steve Jobs, it's all about principles.
    Stash you're right of course when it comes to earning a living, the almighty dollar always dictates you cater to your biggest customer base and screw everyone else, that's business.
    But what about the rest of us?
    If you are not part of the solution, you are the problem!

    Posted: Friday, 16 November 2007 at 6:07AM

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    What most good web developers do nowadays is write to the standards and fix for IE. This is the best long term approach and also often ends up being the least work even in the short-to-medium term.
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    Spot on again mate, however I won't cover up for the inadequacies of a huge corporation making millions off the ignorant masses.

    Expose them I say, chip away little by little.

    I have converted 3 people this month to Windows Safari, they were a bit "so what?" at first but as I show them this and that and point out the thinking behind it they are starting to appreciate it, especially its elegant, simple uncluttered interface.

    Of course in this office we're all stuck with IE because the web-based help desk app we use is IE only (*sigh*), but for other browsing Safari is popular.

    "...write to the standards and fix for IE..." so true, so moronic and so sad at the same time.
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    I can't get the divshare link to work in any browser (FFX, IE) , so I'm not able to download this extension. It sounds great and I'm looking forward to trying it but is it posted anywhere else that won't bug out and give me a page not found error? It actually loads the page for a quick second and then redirects to a 404 message. And yes, IE is a designer's nightmare. I've heard there's a web developer's toolbar for it similar to the one in Firefox but haven't tried it yet. Something like Firebug would be even more valuable to have too. Thanks!
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    Hope no one minds me putting this up as a direct link.
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    Wow, this has gotten a bit off topic...

    To fix the formatting issues above, I failed to include this in the install requirements (which I've now added above).

    IMPORTANT: This extension requires the extension HTML Formatter also be installed.
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    Thanks Stash for the link. That worked.

    The editor seems to generally work but there are some style issues. Maybe there are some conflicts in it with the Vanilla Green theme that I'm using. The dropdowns for font and style currently render off to the left somewhere (if at all) and the text doesn't appear in them so I can't tell what I'm about to select. The font size arrows also don't work and there is no number in the display.

    The editor is wider than the default (non-editor) comment box so it's currently sticking out over the main menu a little (which is in the right margin for this theme.) There might be a width setting to play with but I haven't look for it yet.

    I'll keep playing around to see if I can figure out where these bugs are coming from but I'm not familiar with any code in the YUIEditor (and I'm new to Vanilla within the month as well) so if someone already knows the answer and can save me some time please do share.

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