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Hot Discussions

This discussion is related to the Hot Discussions addon.
edited January 2008 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Hot Discussions


  • Hi there, I've recieved the following Notice: Constant UD_ADD_TAB already defined in /home/.ralip/user/ on line 15 Notice: Constant UD_ADD_FILTER already defined in /home/.ralip/user/ on line 18 Fatal error: Cannot redeclare discussiongrid_discussionpages() (previously declared in /home/.ralip/user/ in /home/.ralip/user/ on line 119
  • Oh ok. I've taken a bit of code from Discussion Pages, that's why there's a conflict (and I forgot to mention it). I'll see what I can do.
  • Uploaded version 0.2 of Hot Discussions.
  • Looks like I fixed the conflict.
  • Hi O. I still seem to be getting: Notice: Constant UD_ADD_TAB already defined in /home/.xxxxx/xxxxx/ on line 15 Notice: Constant UD_ADD_FILTER already defined in /home/.xxxxx/xxxxx/ on line 18 running across the top of the page. Although, the page now shows and so does 'HOT'
  • Are you using other extensions adding stuff to the discussion filters menu?
    Ok, it's a conflict with Unanswered Discussions. Of course, it's based on it.
  • Uploaded version 0.3 of Hot Discussions.
  • This should be fixed as well. Sorry for being such an messy developer :)
  • Your the man! :) Works fine now.
  • can I alter it to be 100 posts instead of 20?
  • ah!

    from the Read Me
    A discussion is currently marked as "Hot!" if containing more than 20 comments.
    To modify this number, replace it at lines 82, 92 and 125. You can also change
    "Hot!" at line 125 by something else. A further version should allow an
    easier way to edit these settings, but you know, it's open source...
  • I'd like to make this more user-friendly but I don't have much time right now. Ideally there would be options for this extension in the settings tab, but I've failed miserably last time I've tried to do that. I've managed easily to add settings for comments number and Hot! definition in settings.php but had problems to get their values once they've been written. I'm pretty good at copying and pasting but when it comes to real code that's another story :B

    If somebody knows what needs to be done, I'll be happy to make the changes.
  • my bad
    and thank you
    i will let u know

    it workds
  • Uploaded version 0.4 of Hot Discussions.
  • No problem :)

    Hiding the filter for guests should be doable, but I'm quite busy at the moment so I can't have a look at this right now.

    Anyway I'm not sure it has to be hidden for guests. I see your point because it's a bit strange to have some discussion filters when not logged in, but since hot discussions aren't related to private data, there's nothing to hide. I'll see if I can hack something, adding a user preference just for this sounds too time-consuming.
  • naaa it is ok
    your right i don't need the hot discussions disappearing for the guests
    it is all cool

    thanks a bunch
  • would be great if it did "x posts within x amount of time or similar"
    most of my threads get very long
  • Good idea, but sadly I've no idea how to do that :/

    If a real coder had a suggestion, I'd be happy to include it.
  • To Seo the URL Edit first the .htaccess add
    RewriteRule ^discussions/hot/(.*)$ /discussions/?View=HotDiscussions [QSA,L]

    Then open

    $Url = GetUrl(
    'index.php', '', '', '', '',

    replace with

    $Url = GetUrl(
    'index.php', '', '',
  • this addon should do something more like X comments in the last Y hrs. I wouldn't consider a discussion hot if it was 3 years old with 25 comments.
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