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Mark All Read Redux

Mark All Read Redux


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    I'm not sure if there's a better way than using the modified theme file, but it works. The change with this extension is cosmetic, it doesn't add or change any database entries (other than the user's MarkAllRead timestamp) or change the discussion data. As such, any extension that reads the discussion status or other relevant data---most notably the "New Discussions" filter---will still pick up old discussions as "unread".
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    Uploaded version 1.1 of Mark All Read Redux.
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    I realized how to change the extension so that it does NOT require an altered "discussion" theme file. The extension now changes discussion properties directly, rather than simply modifying the discussion display.

    However, this still doesn't fix the issue with the "New Discussions" filter. The "New Discussions" filter alters the database call, while "Mark All Read Redux" alters discussion properties after the data has been dropped into the discussion object.
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    Uploaded version 1.2 of Mark All Read Redux.
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    I'm sorry to keep updating so quickly, but I realized the extension wasn't re-calculating the LastViewCountComments according to the User's MarkAllRead record.

    Also, if you want this extension to work with the "New Discussions" filter, you will need to add a hack into the "New Discussions" filter's default.php file around line 47:

    function NewDiscussionsBuilder(&$D) // line 43 { $s = &$D->DelegateParameters['SqlBuilder']; /************** Begin "Mark All Read Redux" hack **************/ $DatabasePrefix = $D->Context->Configuration['DATABASE_TABLE_PREFIX']; $result = mysql_query("SELECT MarkAllRead FROM ".$DatabasePrefix."User WHERE UserID=".$D->Context->Session->UserID."", $D->Context->Database->Connection); $MarkAllReadRedux_UserData = mysql_result($result, 0); if ($MarkAllReadRedux_UserData) { $s->AddWhere('t', 'DateLastActive', '', $MarkAllReadRedux_UserData, '>'); } /************** End hack **************/ $s->AddWhere('t', 'CountComments', 'utw', 'CountComments', '>', 'and', '', 0, 1); $s->AddWhere('', '', 'utw', 'CountComments', '', 'or', 'ISNULL', 0, 0); $s->EndWhereGroup(); }

    Are there any other extensions that won't work right with "Mark All Read Redux"?
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    on my forum it seems that, after using the "mark all read" link, using it again is the only way for a discussion to register as read...
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    bobthecowon my forum it seems that, after using the "mark all read" link, using it again is the only way for a discussion to register as read...
    Hmm, that didn't happen when I was testing it. Has anyone else experienced this? Let me double check that it isn't something in my code...
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    Hi there,

    Over at Kohana forums there seems to be a problem with Mark All Read Redux 1.2 along the same lines as bobthecow's. When reading a discussion with unread posts in, they are sometimes (about 50% of the time?) not marked as read. Going back to the discussion page shows the discussion still highlighted and showing > 0 "New" posts.

    Here is some more info that may help:
    - clicking "Mark All Read" always works. But when more unread posts start to appear, the problem reappears.
    - we had the original Mark All Read extension installed and replaced it with Mark All Read Redux.
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    Uploaded version 1.2b of Mark All Read Redux.
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    Uploaded version 1.2c of Mark All Read Redux.
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    OK, I had some trouble figuring out what was the problem, but I think (*fingers crossed*) I fixed it. I think the problem was that changing the Discussion status and whatnot messed with how Vanilla updated the UserDiscussionWatch table. So I limited the function of the extension to the index and search pages.

    Tell me if that fixes the issues.
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    Uploaded version 1.2d of Mark All Read Redux.
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    Crap, I really should test my extension before uploading it...
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    A fatal, non-recoverable error has occurred
    Technical information (for support personel):

    Error Message
    The "MarkAllReadRedux" class referenced by "MarkAllReadRedux" does not appear to exist.
    Affected Elements

    For additional support documentation, visit the Lussumo Documentation website at:
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    I'm not sure what to tell you, the extension works fine for me. You're using the latest version, 1.2d, right? What page and/or under what conditions are you getting that error on?

    It shouldn't matter, but you can try moving the class definition from the end of file to the very beginning (outside of the guest clause).
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    This extension does not work with wordpress integration. I found out that the user table is hard coded into the extension, which may be the cause. I replaced all instances of
    But i still can't get it to work. The line
    $MarkAllReadRedux_UserData = strtotime(mysql_result($result, 0));
    gives an "not a valid mysql-resource" error. Maybe because the user table was never altered. I have tried to disable and re-enable the extension. Any other ideas?
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    Moving the class to the very top helped. Now it's working properly. Thank you!
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    Uploaded version 1.3 of Mark All Read Redux.
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    I identified a problem with the way the extension configured the "conf/database.php" file. If you open that file up, the last line probably looks like this:

    $DatabaseColumns['User']['MarkAllRead'] = 'MarkAllRead';?>

    But that's going to mess up future extensions that try to add new stuff to the file. I fixed the issue in the version, but it won't help people who already have it installed. You'll need to change it manually.

    It should read as follows, with the php end tag ("?>") on a line by itself at the very end:

    $DatabaseColumns['User']['MarkAllRead'] = 'MarkAllRead'; ?>

    Sorry about that.
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    Error Message The "MarkAllReadRedux" class referenced by "MarkAllReadRedux" does not appear to exist. Affected Elements ObjectFactory.NewObject(); ------------------ All lastes versions. One topic in category and is already readed. I see this error after click "Mark All as read" (/extension.php?PostBackAction=MarkAllReadRedux&r=1) from topics page and Reset status from profile page (/extension.php?PostBackAction=Reset_MarkAllReadRedux&r=2).
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