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  • Yea, anybody for IE support? I got it to display someone inline for IE by changing this section, but it still has a staggered look, each button it slightly lower and to the right of the previous one: ul.fdtablePaginater li div { display:inline; /* NEW */ float:left; /* NEW */ width:20px; font-size:1em; color:#666; padding:0; margin:2px; text-decoration:none; outline:none; border:1px solid #ccc; font-family:georgia, serif; }
  • When I check MembersList in the extensions, I get two Member List Tabs, when I click on either one of them I get an error. When I uncheck MembersList in the extensions, I get one Members List Tab and all works fine. Either way there is always at least one Members Tab, even if it is unchecked in the extensions settings. The ony way for the Members tab to not be visable is I must remove the extension files from my website. Any Help with this would be appreicated. Thanks but I deleted the MembersList folder and uploaded it again and now it works.
  • I'm not seeing where to change the number of members on the page. checked in the conf/setting.php:

    $Configuration['SETUP_COMPLETE'] = '1';
    $Configuration['LOG_ALL_IPS'] = '1';
    $Configuration['ENABLE_WHISPERS'] = '1';
    $Configuration['DISCUSSIONS_PER_PAGE'] = '100';
    $Configuration['COMMENTS_PER_PAGE'] = '40';
    $Configuration['SEARCH_RESULTS_PER_PAGE'] = '20';
    $Configuration['ALLOW_NAME_CHANGE'] = '0';
    $Configuration['DISCUSSION_TIME_THRESHOLD'] = '600';
    $Configuration['UPDATE_REMINDER'] = 'Weekly';
    $Configuration['ADDON_NOTICE'] = '0';
    $Configuration['ANNOUNCE_SETUP'] = '1';
    $Configuration['ANNOUNCE_MESSAGE'] = 'Welcome to the courier board!';
    $Configuration['ANNOUNCE_DISAPPEAR'] = '1';
    $Configuration['ANNOUNCE_TIME'] = '8';
    $Configuration['ANNOUNCE_TEXT'] = '060';
    $Configuration['ANNOUNCE_LINE'] = '9C9';
    $Configuration['ANNOUNCE_BGCOLOR'] = 'E2F9E3';
    $Configuration['ANNOUNCE_ALIGN'] = 'center';
    $Configuration['ANNOUNCE_LINESIZE'] = '5';
    $Configuration['ANNOUNCE_LINEHEIGHT'] = '200';
    $Configuration['ANNOUNCE_MARGIN'] = '10';
    $Configuration['ANNOUNCE_FONTSIZE'] = '13';
    $Configuration['PRIVATE_MESSAGES_CATEGORY_ID'] = '8';
    $Configuration['TAB_POSITION_PRIVATE_MESSAGES'] = '100';
    $Configuration['PRIVATE_MESSAGES_PER_PAGE'] = '30';
  • I believe you are looking in the wrong settings.php? You want this one: /*your_forum_folder*/extensions/MembersList/conf/settings.php And then X marks the spot! // shows how many members showed in one page $eMembersConfig['paginate'] = 'X';
  • crap i screwed something up and had to reinstall now i don't see the members tab at all. I resynched the tabs, and nothing shows up under roles and permissions for members tab... help?
  • I turned on this extension but the MemberList tab doesnt' appear. I'm using Vanbook theme.
    Is it because of the theme?
  • Did you re-sync the tabs in Page Manager?
  • Works great! We just need to add transparent background option!
  • Thank you so much for this extension!
    It is working perfect for me.

    I got only one question.
    when i click the memberslist tab it sorts on # (the number of the account)
    Is it possible to make it so it sorts on the Role so i can see my admins first?
  • I have a problem with the display and I can't find where it's coming from. I added an additional div in my page_end.php and in every other page it displays fine. In this extention it's adding my footer div inside the memberscontainer table before it's ending /tbody /table tags.

    I can't find where to edit the code to put the footer div below the table. Any ideas?

    By the way the table for the rest of the information works great!
  • Installed the latest version, and it looks like it's conflicting with AjaxQuote. Clicking the Members tab throws the following error:

    Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home1/springb5/public_html/columbusmarines/forum/extensions/AjaxQuote/default.php on line 60

    Fatal error: Call to a member function Remove() on a non-object in /home1/springb5/public_html/columbusmarines/forum/extensions/AjaxQuote/default.php on line 60
  • I enabled the extension in the admin. But no tab. It's a fresh install of Vanilla 1.1.10. Same issue as @Bentot i suppose? Any resolution?

    @jimw said: "Did you re-sync the tabs in Page Manager?" That's an add-on yes? Is that requirement for this member list add-on?
  • Just added the page manager add-on and still no member list tab. Anyone thought? Thanks.
  • Did you give each role you want to be able to see the tab permissions? You need to go into the role settings and manually enable that new permission.
  • Hi SubJunk. Hhhmm. Not sure what you mean. Role settings meaning the "Roles & Permissions" setting in the admin?
  • Ok, gotcha... though... clicking on unauthenticaded and im not presented with that tab:

  • Must create a new permission group? Is this the one "Can view the users tab"?
  • And, by the way, does Vanilla not have a way for admins to manage members?
  • Sorry that was abit off topic - i see that its done on the front end - that there is no member list on the admin side. And I assume this plugin is solely on the front end (not admin) yes? Good by me. Just wondering...

    Now to get it to work. Are there directions for proper set up for this plugin somewhere? Thanks.
  • When you're logged into an admin account you just go to the Settings tab, thne on the left click "Roles & Permissions", then you click "edit" next to Administrator (to allow yourself to see the tab) and near the bottom you will see the option. Yes, it will be something like "can view the users tab". I've just uploaded a new version that makes the language more clear.

    Sure, you can manage members in Vanilla.
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