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This discussion is related to the Organic addon.
edited November 2009 in Vanilla 1.0 Help


  • Screenshot:


    Please keep the theme credit, your suggestion and comment are always appreciated!
  • DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I second that

  • wow. This is beautiful!
  • You should change the hover attributes for tabs. Its a little pet peeve when hovering on a link looks exactly like when you're on that page. Maybe use just the different background color and text color, and not use the triangle thing. Or the other way around - hovering only activates the triangle (I rather like the latter).

    Other than that eensie weensie (wow i feel stupid) pet peeve, the theme is absolutely beautiful!
  • The theme doesn't seem to render properly for me. The main box is out of alignment and overlaps the navigation bar slightly. Also, the tabs, when highlighted/hovered, overlap the main page and have a greater height than the navigation bar. The pagination links are also a bit weird, not sure if they're supposed to look like that though.

    Here's a screenshot to show you what I mean.
  • just out of curiosity ... what OS are you on?
  • Thanks guys, I'll update the css file later on today.
  • @fysicluvr: I'm running Fedora 7.
  • Uploaded version 1.1 of Organic.
  • I didn't thing any theme could be better than organic 1.0, and yet, somehow, organic 1.1 has done that.

    I love how you integrated the bookmark links into the panel, and fixed the hover styles on the tabs!

    And still, the theme is absolutely stunning!
  • just wait til sjeeps's next theme ( whenevere tha tone is made)
    it is gonna be better than this
  • One minor problem ....

    if the name of the forum is too long, it wraps onto a second line. That would be fine, except the green background / picture ends, and so the second line of the title has half green half dark grey background. I somewhat fixed it by adding to the html of the title. It still goes onto two lines, but its small enough that the second line is still over the background picture. It would be nice if the title could be as long & big as it needs to be, and the title background accommodated it. Other than that, excellent!
  • Thank you so much for the complements guys, I'll work on a fix for the forum's title but for now I can provide blank image for the title background (without the green logo) to accommodate a longer forum's name.
  • by the way Legend does not work on any of your skins

  • Legend color doesn't show up in IE but adding this line will fix it:

    fieldset legend {color:#111}
  • actually i use firefox
  • Ok, so what do you mean by "Legend does not work"?
  • there is an addon 'legends
    it does not work with ur themes
    cuz u don't have a different color for new posts
  • legends works on more than just discussion pages
  • right
    it does not work on category page and comment page too
  • @Hamed it's been working fine for me

    @sjeeps are all your themes relatively the same structure? Because you should package them all together as one theme with different styles.
  • the legend section?

    umm u know how it gives the color of new post and regular post
    blocked category and non blocked
    whisperto and youwhispered

    are we talking about the same thing?
  • but i don't get it
    how does it work for you
    for me
    it shows no color
    well it did
    until i edited the vanilla.css file
  • i have no idea
  • what colors show up on the legend of your discussion page?
    the same one they have on this site
    different colors
    or no colors?
  • the colors are just as they are in the theme, but there's really no point on the main discussion page, because the colors are all the same.

    speaking of which --- sjeeps, you should make discussions with new comments a different color.
  • yes that is what i was saying

    the legend showed no color because they were the same color

    that is why it did not work

    sorry if i sounded REALLY confusing
  • but on all the other pages: comments, search results, etc. it works fine... there's just no point on the discussion pages...
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