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Applicant Icons

This discussion is related to the Applicant Icons addon.
edited January 2008 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Applicant Icons


  • Uploaded version 1.0 of Applicant Icons.
  • Whoever it was that downloaded this earlier, re-download it, I fixed a bug.
  • can't you just add the role 'Applicant' and give it an icon. When I added that role, all the permissions were that of an applicant (no logging in, etc.). I changed mine so that applicants can log in, & edit their profile, but they can't post until they're approved. The other thing you could do is change the role applicants are assigned to, and give that role an icon. I really don't see the point of this addon... correct me if I'm wrong
  • In Vanilla 1.1.4, there's 2 things on the registration page. One to select the role applicants are assigned to, and to select what role they get when they're approved. (on the first list 'applicant' is on there twice, one for the hard-coded, and one for the one i made. the hard-coded one shows up on the top of the list)
  • A better addon would be one that deletes the hard-coded Applicant role and replaces it with one that's called Applicant, but it's permissions are editable. It should also make it work like unauthenticated (undeletable), and remove the option to change what role apploicants are assigned to. If you can do that, I will be impressed! [sorry for posting 3 times in a row!]
  • Erm I'm not sure if I need to correct you or if you've corrected yourself. There is no way to 'simulate' the applicant role by creating another role called 'applicant'. Thus there is no way to assign role icons etc. My extension makes it possible to assign icons to Applicants therefore it is not pointless. I'm not sure how difficult it would be to write an extension to create a 'real' Applicant role. As far as I can tell, it's not hard-coded to a massive degree that could cause problems. It's assigned a RoleID of 0 which may or may not be useful. I guess I could make an extension for this but it would require a lot of reading into Vanilla's code. It may also be a lot of work to maintain between vanilla updates. If there is some overwhelming demand for it then I guess I could put one together but at the moment everyone seems happy with how Applicants work. I can't really think of any major advantages to hacking Applicants so they work like real roles. If you have any ideas of how an extension like that could be utilised then by all means let me know.
  • the only reason i would like to have it is so that the hard-coded 'Applicant' role doesn't show up on the list of roles to choose what role applicants are assigned. (on the registration settings page) And also to make the non-hard-coded applicant role show up as an editable role, & make it undeletable (like the unauthenticated role) and [optionally] remove the option of what role applicants are assigned. This would let you treat applicants as normal users. (let them log in, change their icon, etc.)
  • in the actual db table, there is no applicant role (the hard-coded one). I changed the RoleID of my 'fake' one to 0, after making all the desired changes. Now, Applicant shows up once on the choices for roles to give applicants, and doesn't show up at all on the list of roles. (Like it would if I hadn't had the fake one at all) I'm not sure if it will let applicants sign in like I made their Role say because there might be some override to the permissions if the RoleID is 0. (because normally there is no Role w/ RoleID 0 in the db table) That is what I would like the extension to do, is create the roleID = 0, make it undeletable, display it as a role, and make its permissions affect the applicants (you could also use the role icon if you felt the need)
  • I think I see what he means, you have the option of changing the role to which people are assigned when they sign-up. It would be possible to make a new role, strip it of all permissions and call it 'Applicant'.

    I'd just be concerned about how several extensions I've seen identify whether someone is an actual user by checking their role isn't '0'. These obviously won't work if you have a pseudo-Applicant role.

    Anyway, Fyorl's extension allows me to add an icon to the built-in Applicant role, and everything else still works as normal; so there's really no problem there.
  • Unauthenticated uses a roleID of 1, and if you're an applicant, you can't sign in, so you're roleID should be 1
  • I found how to make a role undeletable: in the db, set unauthenticated to 1 I still can't find how to hide the hard-coded Applicant, or display a role w/ roleID 1 EDit: alright, I'm bagging my plan, I guess you're extension is the best option, although it would be nice to edit other attributes of applicants, like their tagline. When you set the db value unauthenticated to 1, it really treats it as unauthenticated (no permissions, taglines, etc).
  • Administrator Icon I can not get rid of it where it says You can enter any valid URL to an image here, such as: Your icon will appear next to your name in discussion comments and on your account page. Your icon will be automatically centered and cropped to 32 pixels wide by 32 pixels high. So how can I change Icons? I even tryed to put in a new link still didnt work
  • Hiding the hard-coded Applicant role could probably be done by hacking the part of the script that displays the roles to choose from. I think changing Applicant to a real role would probably be a good idea and allow more flexibility. It's probably better left to the core vanilla files rather than an extension though.
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