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  • Just to let you know... With this latest version everything seems to work: Live Discussions, Collapsible Panel, Yellow Fade... and even Smooth Page Jump!

    Thanks a lot for your hard work, you rock :)
  • After you updated it the issue I was having with my extension (Hidden Text 2) is now gone as well.
  • Hey, I have a tiny problem with something apparently related to Mootools. I've tweaked a bit Smooth Page Jump in order to enable it on the blog page created with BlogThis (I've just added 'extension.php' in the array) and it works.

    Thus Firebug gives me a strange error which seems to have something to do with a Mootools cached file. It looks like this:

    this.getStyle is not a functione("marginTop") each(function())prototype.lite.js (line 124) e("margin")ea7d055e4a28c35ad... (line 1) e("margin")ea7d055e4a28c35ad... (line 1) $each(["margin"], function(), undefined)ea7d055e4a28c35ad... (line 1) e(ul, "getStyle", ["margin"])ea7d055e4a28c35ad... (line 1) e()ea7d055e4a28c35ad... (line 1) e(ul, Object duration=500)ea7d055e4a28c35ad... (line 1) e()ea7d055e4a28c35ad... (line 1) e()ea7d055e4a28c35ad... (line 1) Start(h2)slidepanel.js (line 28) bind()prototype.lite.js (line 25) each(function())prototype.lite.js (line 124) Start()slidepanel.js (line 44) (no name)()slidepanel.js (line 59) e()ea7d055e4a28c35ad... (line 1) e(undefined)ea7d055e4a28c35ad... (line 1) e(function())ea7d055e4a28c35ad... (line 1) each(function())prototype.lite.js (line 124) e("domready", undefined, undefined)ea7d055e4a28c35ad... (line 1) e()ea7d055e4a28c35ad... (line 1) e()ea7d055e4a28c35ad... (line 1) e(DOMContentLoaded )ea7d055e4a28c35ad... (line 1) [Break on this error] eval(function(p,a,c,k,e,d){e=function(c){return(c<a?'':e(parseInt(c/a)))+((c=c%a... ea7d055e4a28c35ad... (line 1)

    Not really a problem since it works anyway, but this error keeps appearing. Maybe is it more related to Smooth Page Jump?
  • Could be. It did mention prototype.lite.js which is included by the Smooth Page Jump extension. Mootools is supposed to remove this and replace it with a Mootools version. I think Mootools is setup to remove those scripts if it's on the search or comments page. I think perhaps with BlogThis, Smooth Page Jump is being loaded on a different page. It should just be a matter of adding the new page to the if statement. @Krak: Yeah, I'm guessing Hidden Text 2 used a bit of javascript. If there are any errors with any of the javascript scripts then usually none of the rest will work either.
  • Any ideas why i would be getting a "there was a problem authenticating your post information" message when activating the extension?
  • Uhm nope, it's never been reported before. Are you only getting this error with this extension or are there others?
  • CommentLinks seems to crash when having mootools & UserInfo extensions enabled also getting this when I've disabled both: Notice: Undefined index: Head in /opt/lampp/htdocs/xampp/Vanilla-1.1.4/extensions/Mootools/appendix.php on line 2
  • umm, Fyorl seems to be missing... :( help!
  • i get this error today. it was working fine for at least 2days. include($Configuration['EXTENSIONS_PATH']."Mootools/appendix.php"); i disabled Mootools, but right now i cannot enable ANYof my extensions. anyone got an idea?
  • nevermind. i found the problem. in the conf/extensions.php folder there was only one line= "include($Configuration['EXTENSIONS_PATH']."Mootools/appendix.php");" deleted that and it was fine, but i lost all my extensions settings, so now i have to reinstall them and make sure extensions.php is working properly. anybody knows why this happens?
  • hi irmanhilmi, you are not the only one! I own a very large forum and I have not yet figured out why this happens periodically! The extensions.php file resets itself and puts the above message into it. The result are a broken extension file which leads to having to manually edit the file with "<?php ?>" and then enabling all of the extensions again! Could you please solve this issue? Thank you. Unfortunately I am using PHP4.
  • Is there anybody smart out there who has at least an Idea to solve this problem?
  • Error Message (this is the trash data in extensions.php), periodically: include($Configuration['EXTENSIONS_PATH']."Mootools/appendix.php"); include($Configuration['EXTENSIONS_PATH']."Mootools/default.php");
  • I looked a bit at the code but didn't discover where the appendix line was added :S
  • such a great extension.. i cant stand that i cant use it anymore...due to the (seemingly) random above mentioned issue.
    I anint complaining though..vanilla maker and all you ex.t makers are pretty cool for doing this.. all free..
  • Yes, but you almost never hear the positive feedback, only the negative.

    I use it and it works just dandy!
  • Ok, temporary solution which worked has been found: Deactivated the plugin and deleted it. ;-) Seems like it doesn't work well with PHP4 or something else on my Server.
  • Unfortunately the same happens at a decent PHP5 webhost!

    Any advices?

  • Error Message (this is the trash data in extensions.php), periodically:


    After this message no extensions can be activated and the conf/extensions page is blank
    How do you rebuild the Conf/extensions page? What should it look like?
  • repaired, mootools needs some upgrading
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