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Live Discussions

This discussion is related to the Live Discussions addon.


  • every time i turn live discussions on, it turns itself off again after the specified time interval. anybody come across this before?
  • im having the same problem regarding the turn live discussions on not doing anything.
  • just tested this at work, and it does the same thing. i upgraded to 1.1.4 last night, but perhaps something somewhere hasn't overwritten properly. if anyone has any suggestions as to what may be wrong, i'll work on it again this evening.
  • i think i've found out why my live discussions is turning itself off in firefox. when viewed in IE7, i see a script error:

    Line 33
    Char 3
    'LiveDiscussion' is undefined
    Code 0
  • The dictator in me wants to force LiveDiscussions on all my users. Is there any way to do this? (yes it's that cool)
  • it's possibly a bad idea to force livediscussions for everyone without warning if your users tend to use the forum from work.
    some people have closely monitored internet access, and wouldn't be too happy if their hit count went up without them realising!
  • Sorry I've been absent. I will attempt to look into these issues. I run Linux so testing on IE7 is difficult (but not impossible). Live Discussions will turn itself off if it thinks it is receiving an invalid request (like someone has edited javascript variables to circumvent the minimum refresh time). It is possible that, due to server latency, it thinks the requests are too fast when in fact they aren't. It isn't handled very well in the code so I shall look into using a better system.

    As for forcing the discussions 'on' for all users, it was discussed in the requests thread and some people felt that this would not be desirable as users may, without knowing, use up their bandwidth limit (if they have one). Still, if you are willing to take flaming from your users then I can implement this. One way would be to allow the default setting to be changed (i.e. You can set it to be on or off by default for users who haven't touched their preferences). The other way is to do away with the Live Discussions link in the sidepanel so users have no way of turning it off. Obviously this would be an admin preference and you will be able to keep the original functionality if you want.
  • Fyorl, some firefox errors

    Errors in Firefox
    1. LiveDiscussion.AttachLink is not a function
    live.js (line 279)

    2. LiveDiscussion.Translate has no properties (line 30)
  • any news on these errors? sorry to be a pain.
  • i think this is an awesome extension. but it doesn't seem to work for me.
    i've sat here for 5 minutes, and it hasn't updated. i'm on Firefox. is there a compatibility issue?
    i've also tested on IE7, dosn't work either. on top of that, the "Live Updates are On/Off" doesn't change when clicked.
    anyway a suggestion: have something under the Account Tab, an option: "Live Updated are On by Default". because mine keeps switching itself off for some reason.
  • gray, the issue of LD turning itself off is the same problem i am having. i have no idea why, but as far as i know, we are the only two people who are having this problem.
  • this extension totally rocks.

    unfortunately i can't use it on my selfmade design, i guess i deleted some piece of code or something >.<
    could you tell me wich code from vanilla standard code is used to insert the live posting?

    edit: okay. seems to work now.

    i get a strange bug when someone posts 2 new answers. the second one is beside the first one. not under it.
    any ideas?
  • Having the same problem. On/Off does nothing :(
  • looks like the support for this extension is already dying. a problem with a lot of vanilla extensions at the moment. i hope this isn't a sign of things to come.
  • No, the creator has just been absent for awhile. (1-2 mos.) It seems some things have "come up" in his life, which is understandable. When he was here, it was amazing how fast he whipped out extensions and patched problems with them!

    you'll see...
  • In the sidebar, when I click "Live Updates are off" link under "Live Discussions" heading, it does nothing. Where do I configure Live Discussions and turn it "on"? Under my account, I only have the option of changing the page refresh time. My forum is located at
    Let me know if you need any other information. Thanks in advance.
  • Hey i'm pretty sure ive got permissionss and all the options set correctly though it doesn't seem to do anything?
    i have the mootools extention installed as well though if that means anything
  • I am unable to get this extension working either. despite trying all suggestions posted throughout this discussion, adding extensions that have been referenced here, removing the extension and re-installing it.

    The on/off link is temperamental, works sometimes, sometimes it doesn't, but as yet, I have not managed to get the discussion view to refresh once :(

    Real shame, would have liked to have this functionality in Vanilla, would have made an unbeatable forum even better ;)
  • It seams that the extension doesn't work with Safari. I've managed to get the on/off button to toggle with Firefox but I haven't witnessed it working yet.
  • The extension works well, however only for the comment grid, not discussions grid.
  • Live Discussions is switched "Off" and I'm not able to change this status to "on" when I'm using I.E. browser. When I use Firefox browser everything works fine though. I'm using I.E. version 7 and Firefox 3.
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