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edited May 2008 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
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  • Man, I love you :)
    This is a freaking awesome extension for a play-by-post forum. Many thanks for this, it will be really useful to me.
  • could you put a link next to each name that puts their username in the whisperbox and goes down to the textbox (like quick whisper..) this should be an option, because no everyone will want this.
  • I'm trying to modify the extension to put the people with the most comments at the top. I tried adding this code after line 28, but it doesn't work. It is building the sql improperly, and the error message is not helpful.

  • ooh, good idea, apreche. let me know when you get it working.
  • After wasting an hour of my time, I have discovered it is not possible at the present time to order the participants by the number of comments. The AddOrderBy function in the SqlBuilder is extremely inadequate. It is only capable of ordering a select by an actual table field with a table alias. A query like the following can not be built with the Vanilla SQL builder.

    select count(ID) as numIDs from mytable order by numIDs desc
  • I found the answer. This is the line of code that needs to be added.
    $sql->AddOrderBy(array('Count'),array(''),'DESC');I just want to say that having to use two arrays to order by a single field is ludicrous and counter-intuitive. Please make a fix to this function in the next version of vanilla so that the following code will work.
  • I'll take a look on it and see what can I do about your requests ;)
  • Uploaded version 0.2 of Show Participants.
  • I've made some changes. Hope they work all well ;) thanks Apreche for the extra line of code ;) and yes, the Order By Count should definitively work
  • Uploaded version 0.3 of Show Participants.
  • added the ability to show all the participants in an extension page emulating a user-search result if anybody with previous versions of Vanilla could test the extension I could relax the requirements, as far as I've only tested in current version. I did a CSS trick just to make the extension page title fit left-aligned all themes I've tested.
  • Uploaded version 0.4 of Show Participants.
  • solved a bug found: the extension was counting both whispers and deleted comments as participations now it's not ;)
  • It should still count whispers if you're the recipient. Does it? (Maybe you've already thought of this.)
  • well in fact I thought it was more interesting to count just the public comments.. maybe I can add the whispering counting as a customizable option by user or by admin (it will take some time as I'm being quite busy lately) any suggestion?
  • hmmm... i see your point. maybe set it as a user option that's off by default ( [ ] count whispered comments in your list of discussion participants // or something along those lines)
  • Uploaded version 0.5 of Show Participants.
  • ok, i've set a settings form via the SetList extension, which works great (thanks to squirrel) and (i think) worked fysicsluvr request to count also whispers (as a user preference)
  • This so awesome, I've started very recently using Vanilla as my forum tool and i should say this

    I am Living it.

    Great Tool...
    Great People...
    Great Support...

    Thanks Miquel
  • Small bug: when an attempt is made to show a discussion that the privileges of the current user does not allow them to see, the participants of that discussion are still displayed.

    The extension should use the same privilege checks as the discussion itself.

    To test, take view privileges off a category for, say, anonymous users, then go to a discussion view page (i.e. comments.php?DiscussionID=?) for a discussion in that category when not logged on. The participants can still be seen even though the discussion is shown as 'not found'.

    -- Jason
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