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Quik Blue

edited August 2008 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Quik Blue


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    pretty sweet looking
    i am going to check it out now
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    i looked at it
    and it is really cool
    especially the tabs
    i love the tabs
    i dunno why
    and the entire thing has very nice colors
    very cool

    would you mind if i use the tabs on another theme or style? jw
    and also if i wanted to do that
    would i just search for tabs in the vanilla.css and copy / replace it to (with) the other theme i want ?
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    Fine with me. It should be under the Header section in the vanilla.css file.
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    awesome thanks a bunch
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    Hey Renegade,

    Awesome theme! I absolutely LOVE your ideas here. I downloaded the Quik_Blue theme, installed it, and absolutely fell in love with it's modified Vanilla layout. I ended up deciding to customize it though a little bit to fit the needs of what our forum is going to be used for. I, and a group of about five other guys are planning on doing a cross-country bike trip, and we needed to set up a forum to start organizing our thoughts and plans.

    Your theme, with a few modifications, seems to fit the build we were looking for, and I only have a few problems that hopefully you can and would be willing to help us iron out with the theme. Here is a link to our forum:
    The first problem I ran into was that I don't know why, but if you look on the 'Discussions' page or on some of the other pages of the forum, you will see at the bottom, the text, "Quik Blue Styled" in both a light blue and grey font, about 18-20 pt. font. It's very visible on some of the pages, while others it appears to be cut off, but still visible. My only question/ problem with this is it takes away from the forum. Is there any way to remove/ disable this large text from being displayed? Could you maybe take a look at the source of the site, my webhosting account, the Vanilla backend, etc. and see if there's a way to get rid of this? I would be happy to send you the passwords for such privately if you would be willing to help.

    The only other second thing that I saw, that's not so much of a big deal is if you look on the 'Discussions' or maybe 'Categories' pages, there are two horizontal bars, one with the text "Bottom of Page", and the other with "Top of Page". Well, I noticed that these are backwards, and that the 'Top of Page is at the bottom and the 'Bottom of Page' is at the top. Would there be a way to reverse these so they are correctly oriented?

    Thank you so much for the awesome theme, and if you could help me fix this things, I would be indebted to you. Thanks again! -Kyle
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    Sorry...I just wanted to clarify what I was talking about because I feel like maybe I made it confusing. Here's an image that captures both things I was talking about: Again, the top/ bottom of page lines aren't that important of a fix, but the "Quik Blue Styled" 20 pt. text I would like to try to fix. Thank you! If you would like to register at the forum so you have a way to figure out the problem/ see the backend settings, I will keep checking it regularly and approve your membership. Again, thank you soooo much! You don't know how much this means to me. -Kyle
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    I figured out how to remove the "Quik Blue Styled" branding. I simply came across the 'credits.gif' file under the template's main folder structure. I deleted that, and then also ran a search in the vanilla CSS file for the 'credits.gif' line, and deleted that from the CSS file. It took care of it! Yey!

    I still am confused about the Top and Bottom of page inserts though. I noticed it looks the same way as on other Vanilla forums, is this right? Are they meant to be mixed up like that?
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    kdaffolder, Thanks for using my style! Sorry for the long reply. I haven't been here for months, as I'm really busy, and I've totally forgotten that I designed styles for Vanilla!

    The "Quick Blue Styled" thing will be cut out sometime. I will add a new one in, since it is a copyright notice, and I'd like for it not to be removed. It's fine for now, but once I update it, you can't remove it.

    As for the page inserts, they are jumps to the top of the page. If you wanted to go to the bottom of the page, you would click "Bottom of Page" and the opposite for the top. This is controlled within the Default Vanilla Theme, so I can't do anything about it.

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    Uploaded version 1.1 of Quik Blue.
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    Just in case anyone else tries it the URLs in one of the above posts are not safe for work! Don't go here if you're at work, it redirects!
    NSFW! http://kdaffolder .110mb .com/Picture3 .png
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    That isn't kdaffolder's fault, actually. I'm a 110mb member, and at the time he posted the link, 110mb had a 14-day contract with an ad company to place ads on their 404 page. Halfway through the contract, the ad company decided to redirect the 404 to a NSFW site. Thankfully, the contract was only for 14 days and the usual 404 is back. Back on topic, though, I love the theme. :)
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