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edited November 2009 in Vanilla 1.0 Help


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    Sweet, do we have to enter are own recaptcha code or it running of yours. Also can we change the colour?

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    You need to sign up for your own reCAPTCHA key. It's tied to your domain.

    You can pick from one of the four standard reCAPTCHA skins. Although I realize now I screwed up; it turns out the "clean" skin is much wider than the rest and it dorks up the page format. Sigh.

    Oh well. Any theme should look fine with the "red", "white" or "blackglass" themes.
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    How do you troubleshoot: "The reCAPTCHA extension is not configured properly. Please contact the admin and report this problem." Where would the log messages appear? Thank you.
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    Double-check your public and private reCAPTCHA keys and make sure they match the ones you got when you signed up at Apparently I was taking a brain vacation and decided that I shouldn't be exposing the details of those errors to the end-user. I'll put out a fix soon.
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    The problem was line 80 of default.php. 'incorrect_captcha_sol' should be 'incorrect-captcha-sol' with dashes instead of underscores. I was intentionally typing the wrong captcha response to see the error message, but it was giving me the configuration error as the $resp->error was not matching. Works great now after making the above change! Thanks for the extension!
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    Uploaded version 1.10.1 of reCAPTCHA.
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    Added a check to see if the reCAPTCHA functions exist before including the library. This should fix conflicts with the Guest Post extension.
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    Excellent work, thanks.
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    Cheers Squirrel!
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    Addon works great, except when you get the captcha wrong - it will say "The reCAPTCHA extension is not configured properly. Please contact the admin and report this problem." which is misleading.

    When the captcha is right, it goes through fine.
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    Hmm - I've not noticed that before. I'll look into it.

    *adds to growing list of extension demands*
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    I have the same problem (not configured properly message when you enter nothing in the form and hit ).
    Not sure if this is related in any way, but I'm also running Mark's applicant discovery extension (Applicant Discovery 1.2), but not guestpost (installed but disabled)

    EDIT: IGNORE... issue resolved in post above. In line 82 of defaut.php replace if ( 'incorrect_captcha_sol' == $resp->error ) { with if ( 'incorrect-captcha-sol' == $resp->error ) {
    Can someone else perhaps update this add-on? (the extension screen says it's on vanilla-friends, but don't think it is yet... )
  • Options I'll take a look at it in a day or two, if nobody beats me to it.
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    God dammit, I can't believe I did that. Thanks TomTester. I would have done it quicker had I read your original post carefully.
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    Uploaded version 1.10.2 of reCAPTCHA.
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    Don't thank me, thank mcargian (see his Sep 5th 2008 post).
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    i switched from Captcha to reCaptcha and the configuration / settings is appearing globally and not restricted to administrator or any permission. my normal members can turn it off if they want to...
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    I think you need one of these permission:

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    Instead of relying on its own permission, it could check for PERMISSION_MANAGE_REGISTRATION.
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