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Community Moderation

Community Moderation


  • Great idea. +1
  • I hope people give this a shot and test it out. It doesn't yet exist on the live site it is intended for ... essentially, what happened is that a high-traffic website had a forum for a long time, but the abusive users were too active and motivated for the forum moderators to keep up. So the solution was to take the forum offline completely and eventually to replace it with one using this kind of moderation system. The live site isn't up quite yet but we're hoping to get the theme work done this fall. When that's done and we open up, there should be enough activity to find the bugs and necessary tweaks.

    In the meantime, please do give this a shot and report any issues you find to me. If you find that the default settings really suck, then let me know that too and I will change the defaults in a future version. Ideally, all you would have to do is install the extension, set the right permissions, and never have to lift a finger to moderate your own forum ever again. =)

    Also, if anyone wants to make the default CSS colors and such look better, then by all means submit your fixes to that, as well. Thanks!
  • Interesting idea, great job
  • gave this a install and noticed it might not work with friendly urls, when i try and click on the moderation links in the sidebar they go to current userpage, and about community moderation link doesn't work, just a heads up
  • Yeah, I posted a question about extension.php not playing nice with Friendly URLs. I think that only the about link is affected, though. The actual moderation commands (up, down, and unfair) should be okay, but let me know if I'm wrong about that.

    As to the moderation links in the sidebar, only the about item and the current points are actual links, and the latter is supposed to go to your user page, which displays your points history. It seemed reasonable to me although I do understand why it might seem like a bug at first as it is just as reasonable for a user to expect a special page from that link.

    Any thoughts on better things to do with that? I could de-linkify the points indicator, or add another thing to extension.php's postbacks to show your moderation points history, although the problem with that is that it'd then be displayed in two places (user page and there).
  • I'll play with it tonight and let you know, email me your aim/msn contact and maybe we can collab on a solution (I'm pretty good at the ui stuff)
  • Installed this and I have to say I absolutely love it! The only problem I seem to have is a clash with the UserAwards extension. In the actual comment, once a vote is made and the relevant voters username is displayed beneath the actual comment, it also seems to include any awards the voter has. I've provided a snippet of what I mean below. How can the awards be removed so that only the username is displayed as intended with this extension?

  • Odd - it should just be giving the username. Can you look at the HTML source to see if the images are being stuffed into the 'a' tags that this extension is making or if they are coming from somewhere else? Maybe it's coming from some CSS decorations added by the UserAwards extension without discriminating which extension created the HTML it's decorating. *shrug*
  • I'll have a look through the source thoroughly and get back to you on that one. I assume it may actually be a problem on behalf of the UserAwards extension as it does have a function in there somewhere that specifically places icons of any awards the user has next to their username within the comment body. I'll definitely have a look like I said and let you know for definite where the problem is being caused. Great extension though nonetheless! I love the concept. :)
  • Thanks. I hope it works as well in practice as the concept does in theory. Keep me posted. :)
  • @Resilient (and anyone else who has installed): Would you mind sharing the URL where your forum is located? I want to see this in action. :)
  • I second that ... plus it'd help me see other extensions interacting with it. :)
  • @iamtheari - Apologies for not being around much. I've been real badly caught up with work. I don't actually have the extension running on my live site, but do have it on locally still. Not had the chance to look at it yet but as soon as I do I'll let you know.
  • @Resilient: Thanks, that's just fine. I know how work can interfere with hobbies from time to time (it took me 2 years to get around to writing this extension, if that's any indicator!)
  • I am trying it at present on I have only just put it on so am unsure yet if it works... plus I am already using ModTools so I am hoping this will not counter that. I have UserAwards on too..... *gulp* Hope it works LOL
  • This shouldn't interfere with any other extensions, although if it does please do tell me about it here. Let me know what you like or dislike about it, too. Thanks! :)
  • Well I had to turn it off last night as I tried to delete a post and it gave me literally a page load of errors and the post didnt go BUT I think that was my fault as I had multi mod on too. I will go and take off mutli mod now and then try deleting a post again and see what happens.

    Will keep you up to date.
  • the post doesnt go. The errors are due to something else as I have them even with community mod off. I am going to have to give them both a miss I think as I do not know how to change things.
  • When attempting to log out, I get this error message: Fatal error: Call to undefined method stdClass::AddList() in /Users/bergius/Sites/sincerely/extensions/CommunityModeration/cm_functions.php on line 20
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