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Message Wall

This discussion is related to the Message Wall addon.
vanoobvanoob New
edited March 2009 in Vanilla 1.0 Help


  • Looks very promising, I'll give it a go. Thanks :)
  • RaizeRaize vancouver ✭✭
    Not bad, I'll try it out!
  • hi,

    I'm getting an error after enabling the extension:

    Notice: Undefined index: USER_WALL_FORCE in extensions/MessageWall/default.php on line 213
    # Force Wall Status to Public
  • Go to the pref page and tick the box to toggle the Wall on for everyone. Should be fine after that.

    Thanks vanoob, working great on my site. Much appreciated.
  • thanks LoOkHerE, that worked fine for me.
  • hmm, can i swear profusely? Can't believe i made such a stupid mistake by leaving a wrong piece of code. Glad you guys are enjoying the extension, i've had some interesting times modifying it, great distractions when i'm supposed to be studying :).

    Anyway to all those people who want to fix it themselves
    Replace line #69 in MessageWall/default.php from
    AddConfigurationSetting($Context, 'USER_WALL_COMMENTS_FORCE', '0'); -to-> AddConfigurationSetting($Context, 'USER_WALL_FORCE', '0');

    Furthermore if you don't like extra random codes being left behind, in the vanilla/conf/settings.php because of the redundant code, there is an extra line that was added which could be removed completely. You should know which one to remove.

    Anyhow with that in mind i have made up a new package, with the fixed code, should i release it under the same version?
    And does anybody have any offerings of minor improvements that can be made? or anything suggestions of change?
  • i suggest to count the version one point higher, e.g. to 1.1

    ps: can this extension be used with 1.1.5a ?
  • RaizeRaize vancouver ✭✭
    Thanks for the fix bro
  • RaizeRaize vancouver ✭✭
    Hey Vanoob, can we add some sort of option for email notification if someone writes on your wall?

    Actually I think this is pretty important, because don't check their account tab all that often.
  • Email notification huh, that is possible. But i am just wondering if that is a wise idea, because if someone decides to write 10 messages on the wall within a period of 1 min. And if the person wanted email notification, i'm just wondering if this would greatly impact the efficiency of the server and your website, ie with all that "smtpying" and "sendmailing"?

    So the current method of notification on the discussion page telling you the number of new messages you haven't read is not sufficient?
    Anyway i will be more than happy to implement an email notification system, unless there is a significant proportion of people objecting to me doing more work :)
  • Hey Vanoob, is there a way I can include this on a separate page? I'm trying to integrate Vanilla into my current site and so far I've done a decent job except for getting just this Wall add-on.

    I'm able to show this on a copy of account.php outside the vanilla directory, but when I tried just taking the main part default.php (Or the whole thing) I keep getting errors or a blank page.
  • yes it is possible, you will have to remove the restriction of it showing on the account page. And also you will need to integrate the new page with the vanilla framework or else the wall will not work of course.

    I'm still trying to figure out exactly what you are trying to achieve, so you are trying to get the wall posted on a complete seperate page is that correct? like another discussion page with the tab for the wall in the vanilla menu??
  • Yea, that's pretty much what I'm trying to do. I'm mostly just trying to isolate the wall so you can view it by itself without the other stuff on a profile page.
  • Great addon, is there a way to alter the user icon in the message wall so that it shows it in the standard size (30x30)?
  • RaizeRaize vancouver ✭✭
    Can't seem to get rid of the Roles and Permissions reminder...
  • I keep getting this message "Sorry, but you do not have permission to write on the wall, contact your admin for more info." I'm the admin and I created a member account for myself. Neither one can comment on the walls.
  • Go into your account, forum preferences, and tick the box marked "Hide set role permission for Wall reminder."
    In Wall settings, tick the box "Force all user wall to be allowed for writing, pending role permissions."

    Should solve the above.
  • hey guys, sorry for some of the late reply, kinda went underground on youguys there.

    Anyhow here goes.

    @Raize, about e-mail notification, sorry i haven't gotten there yet, i'll get there eventually. And about the reminder, there should be a link on the reminder itself that says "Remove this message" or something along those lines. If not go to your profile and click on forum preferences, and you should see a tab to remove role reminder.

    @nickk2, you can alter the size of the icon by going into the css file and search for "profileicon", all you have to do is add another line for height parameter.

    @clickradius, darkangel is almost right. The fact that you are seing that message should give you a clue. You do not have permission to write on the wall. i Emphasize on permission. Have you tried going info the forum's roles & permissions page perhaps? given each role the ability to write on the wall??

    Anyhow just to give you guys a heads up that i will be releasing version 1.1 sometime in the near future with the e-mail notification feature and a fix for the error in which people observed when there was no variable defined for the public writing of the wall. If anybody have any other ideas or found any other bugs, please post and i will try to fix before the next release.
  • I've got this error:
    Notice: Undefined index: USER_WALL_FORCE in /home/content/c/a/s/cassette/html/vanilla/extensions/MessageWall/default.php on line 375
  • oops and this one:
    Notice: Undefined index: USER_WALL_FORCE in /home/content/c/a/s/cassette/html/vanilla/extensions/MessageWall/default.php on line 130
  • is there any way to allow BBCode on wall posts?
  • Uploaded version 1.3 of Message Wall.
  • Seems some problems with the style. Im using Vanbook
  • Allright vanoob! Just installed fresh Vanilla works correctly! Don't worry )
  • Any idea why the wall comment is appearing at the bottom of the page instead of under the username of the person who has written the comment. I have the username line at the top of the Wall window and to see the comment I have to scroll down to the bottom of the wall window. Latest version of Vanilla with the default theme.

  • Heya everybody seems like i have made a small mistake, i forgot to change the version number in default.php. Hence i will be uploading a new package within the next 72 hours with fixes people hopefully report back, css fixes have been implemented from the comments of Dan Devine and Feruz.

    @ Dan Devine, sorry, that's what you get from coding only in IE. The cause is due to the clear:left style in userbody. Remove that line and everything should be fine.

    @Feruz, images should be displayed if the format that you're typing into the wall is able to be decoded by the formatters used. i can't remember the tag for bbcode to display images, but there shouldn't be any problems.

    @Others, i made this extension using the default vanilla theme, in doing so people who have made their own theme may not have followed the vanilla default convention and have a totally different style. Although vanbook has a very similar structure to normal Vanilla. There are various style differences which lead to problems such as showing nested and normal lists in the message wall. I've tried to compensate for the problem, but in trying to make everything as universally acceptable for other themes. There is a problem in lists styling for IE in the Vanbook theme, firefox displays lists alright.

    So guys if you have made any possible changes that you think i might like to know about. Please inform me within the next 72 hours for the changes to be included within the next package.
  • Thanks!

    Removal of that line solved the problem.

  • Hi vanoob! Thanx. Im using better BBcode, just made some changes so now it will be easy to play mp3 files on the wall. Definetely with the help of flash player ).
  • @Feruz: not for the wall, but I've posted some code to auto-link MP3s in the MakeItSimpleFormatter ( )
  • @ Mr TomTester I tested your addon it is really good for disscussion comments, but it doesnt allow to parce mp3 links on the wall. Mr Vanoob - HE IS REAALY GOOD MAN! Made a lot of changes and allowed to work with BBcode on the wall. Before we didnt had a chance to work with BBCode and WAll at the same time!
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