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edited December 2008 in Vanilla 1.0 Help


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    Looks cool, thanks
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    Uploaded version 1.01 of Chatango.
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    I did 2 things wrong:
    1. the folder should be named Chatango not Chatango1.0
    2. in the default.php I didn't add a url as a result the extensions widget did not read the extension.

    Please download the latest as it will solve those 2 problems. Thanks.
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    This is one the best one I've had since my three days scrubbing.
    Really Appreciate your work and efforts you've taken to get this in place.


    Great Work!

    Just a tip request: is there a way that we can have the Links removed which are being shown on the chatbox?
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    Note: HTML Tag Start "<" and End ">" Symbols are removed just to avoid the embedding in the post.

    I just figured it out:

    Simply Remove the Links soon after the closing of the Tag under chatcode.txt file:



    [ a href=""
    Copy this

    | a href="">Start New/a |

    a href="" Full Size /a ]


    The Above will be right below the closing of the Object Tag

    Also Another One to change the Default Name of CHATANGO displayed on the top of chatbox to your custom Name,
    simply edit the default.php file and change the text on

    From ---> $Panel->AddString(' h2 CHATANGO /h2'

    To ----> $Panel->AddString('h2 Your Custom Name /h2'

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    thanks. BTW the collapsible panel extension does not work well with chatbox (closes fine but when you open it, it doesn't open all the way). I would recommend disabling collapsible for chatango because:
    1. the browser still loads the extension even though it does not show up.
    2. if you want to disable chatango there is a check box to do that in your individual forum preference.
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    Yeah, I did see that as well, a good option for users who would like to have it disabled.
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    RaizeRaize vancouver ✭✭
    Is this for users who are logged into Vanilla, or for any and all guests?
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    ^ If your forum require you to be a member before browsing then no.
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    As far as i've observed, it creates an ID for Chatango and then you are all set to go.
    The chat is not exclusively for the registered users of your forum, however is happening in the shed of your forum.
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    Just wanted to ask this,
    Is there a way we can have this in a new Tab or page instead of the left panel?
    because it is pushing all the other forum links in the bottom and users might find it difficult to locate some useful links on the panel.

    What do you say?
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    That's actually a really good idea. Give me the weekend to figure out how to do that.
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    Uploaded version 1.1 of Chatango.
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    That was easier than I thought. Vanilla is a pretty good framework. Enjoy.
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    RaizeRaize vancouver ✭✭
    How is this any different from using the nugget extension and inserting your shoutbox code in there? As per this

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    Mines only a chat box nothing else. If the nugget extension works for you, have at it.
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    Does the logged-in user need a chatango account to use this extension? Can anyone show me their forum with this extension pls? Thank you
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    I need help pls. I followed the readme.txt but chatango isn't showing up on the side panel. I just downloaded it today Dec 29, 2008 so I assume the file is updated. Do I have to edit anything in default.php?
    I'm not sure if I have to edit these lines. I left this as is.

    $Context->Dictionary["DisableChatango"] = "Disable Chatango on side panel";
    $Context->Dictionary['ChatangoOption'] = 'Chatango Options';
    $Context->Dictionary['ChatangoTitle'] = 'Please provide a chatango title';
    $Context->Dictionary['ChatangoEmbeddedTitle'] = 'Please provide the embedded Chatango Code';
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    I got it to work. Thanks :)
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    ^ was there anything vague about my readme.txt? Please let me know I would like for this to be as painless as possible. Thanks!
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