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This discussion is related to the DisplayName addon.
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  • I will post further details as I write them up.

    Any theme will do, but it does need some small additions added to some templates - see default.php for further info (I'll write this up properly soon).
  • judgej unfortuantly it is impossible to search users by name. Admin can, but member can't search for another memer by name! ((( if admin turns off "change role" in the roles and permissions he also will be disabled of serching by name ((
  • Is this a dead addon or is it still live? I could do with having a working version...
  • I was getting

    Warning: Unexpected character in input: '' (ASCII=29) state=1 in /home/yann/projects/vanilla/public_html/extensions/DisplayName/default.php on line 69

    Which was due to a ^] inserted at the end of the line. Removing that character made things work fine.

    All is fine and addon works as advertised.
  • I guess that this addon is dead now.

    Still, there is (yet another) bug in there. It does not do UTF-8 names. Once I have worked out how to fix it, I'll post here again.
  • Hi Yann - sorry, this forum does not send me any extra notifications between visits, and I can't work out how to change that, so I am missing all your comments.

    The "^]" you found - are you sure it is in the original download and is not something you introduced using vi? Line 69 is a comment, and I cannot find any control characters in it.

    As for searching on names - that would be complicated. The search and the use of login IDs for displayed names is so locked into the core of Vanilla, that it would require many core changes in many places, and is not something that a plugin can easily perform. Of course, if Vanilla were to split the search functionality into two halves: an API and a front-end search plugin, then perhaps this would be possible.

    Similarly, a core API for returning the display name of a user would be helpful by allowing the names to be decoded in one place.

    I think Vanilla took the decision that personal names are private and logins are public. Personally I believe it should have been the other way around.

    -- Jason
  • I'm not sure why the UTF-8 names would be failing. There is nothing in the plugin that does not simply treat the name as a sequence of 8-bit characters. No manipulation, searching or regular expression replacements are performed on the names, so there is little I can think of that would cause any problems.

    If you have any luck in finding what the problem is, or find that it is actually another plugin, please let us know.

    -- Jason
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