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  • works as intended. the downside is that Vanilla only stores userid's in 20 character strings, so an email address that is longer gets chopped. As an example on my BBS, my email address ended in "@gmail.c"

    I might see if they'll lengthen it for the forthcoming release...
  • tekhammer: This is related to another issue, which is that users can change their email addresses (and username). Right now I have a table called LUM_GLUserGoogleIdentity which stores "the" email address Google gives me, regardless of changes. It'd be nice to integrate this into an administrator view, which could have a note of the user being authenticated through google and his actual email address. It'd also be nice to restrict email address changes from people who sign in using this system.

    Thanks for the feedback.
  • tekhammer: Also, the email address is stored in both the username and email address field. I assume users will change their usernames.
  • true. I have that feature disabled. I can work around it, but the problem isn't with your add-on which works very well.

    thanks for a cool extension.
  • And even better than I expected, if an existing user on the forum has already entered their gmail account as their email address, they will automatically get logged in to that account rather than having a new one created.

    I like :)
  • tekhammer: Really? That shouldn't be happening. Since Vanilla email addresses are not verified, that would allow me to create an account using your email address and then make you unable to login to your own account using Google.
  • well, they have to authenticate with Google anyway, so if a user chooses to do a Google login to a vanilla board with an ID they don't own, then it's not going to work. If they just do a normal login with someone else's email address, then that other person will get lots of emails that don't belong to them (such as Notifications if the board has them set up), so it should balance out.

    In fact, what you don't want is for a user who has already created an account to suddenly log in with their google account and have two user id's created with the same email address...

    I think this is good as is.
  • Cool extension idea, thanks for making it
  • Billzeller, It is not working for me. I get the following in the signin page

    Undefined index: REWRITE_extensions/GoogleLogin/images/google.png

    also got this page:
  • How do I know that my forum have cURL library? If I don't have one, how do I got it?
  • tekhammer: I'm surprised it's acting like this, because the plugin was not designed to let people with the same email address log into a "normal" account using Google authentication. It also didn't behave this way in my tests. If you're still getting this behavior, it's something I'll need to look into.

    sparky: I may be addressing the "google.png" file incorrectly. I'm unsure of the standard way for addons to reference web-facing files they contain.

    socaltelugu: If you install the addon it should give you a warning if cURL is not installed. I don't have a setup without cURL though (so I hope it's a graceful warning).
  • I spent my Saturday reading up on the API to do this exact thing! I'll check it out now and see if it does what I want :)
  • I lie - I was looking at Google Friend Connect, which would open up the ability to login with more than just a Google account IIRC.

    Why aren't just using the SQLBuilder instead of the GLDB Class. There are also functions for creating new users as well, so you don't need to directly inject SQL there either.
  • I would like to ask what about security? everyone who will use it so s/he will expose his/her password to my site? Some ppl (include me) use very strong password to google account and they use it only there, but with this addon, I will able to see their password? so ppl who knows it, will dislike this?
  • SneakerXZ: The google password you enter is only entered on Google's site, not on the site hosting the forum. This plugin basically implements OpenID, except it limits it to Google. More on OpenID:
  • Oh, thanks for answer. Could you give me a link to your site? or any site where can i see demo of it? Thanks. edit: I just found some site who uses it and it's cool, but instead of signing. I would like to see it like method to register. Something like Sign Up via your Google Account after user would press it(i skip auth part) so you would ask just for username or some another details. You would suggest him his Google Account username, if it would taken so he would have to supply another name and then he would be registered. If He would click and he was already registered with that Google Account so you would just log him in, what do you think?
  • Is it possible not to limit the OpenID functionality to google only then, but normal openid?
  • I installed curl and php5-curl on a ubuntu 8.04 server, but the plugin still wants curl... :\
  • I get a very nondescript error:

    "Some problems were encountered
    Your Google account was not authenticated."

    I'm looking at the live HTTP headers, as well as my apache logs and it seems as though the data is being properly communicated with Google. I've also tried it with another google id I have and it's still bombing.

    Any suggestions? This is on an OpenSolaris VM with PHP5.
  • I would also very much like a version of this plugin that works with all OpenID providers! Pretty please!? :)
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