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  • Uploaded version 0.2 of Bushido.
  • Here are a few screenshots of Bushido. The CSS to style the extensions shown here (GuestSignIn, DCalendar, MessageWall, and Discussion Overview) is included in a separate stylesheet called extensions.css so you can use it or cut it out if you like.




  • Oooh - nice! I was working on something like this myself, but struggling with css and stuff. Well done on this one aerocapture. I'll be tweaking the font sizes and such, but basically, you've saved me days and days of work. Many thanks.

    PS. I was going to copy the Vanilla 2 look (kind of), but again, too much work. I did find the tabs can be moved to the left easily though, with align: left, and padding-left: 60px, etc. I like the new look of the header and account page background. Off to play...
  • @Michael3185: Thanks for the kudos! My hope with this theme is that it's a little more tweakable than the default. Ideally you could just drop Bushido inside a <div> on your own site, change a few fonts and colors and be underway. I'm glad you like the new header; I spent alot of time changing things around a bit to get rid of all the position:absolute crap from the default theme so it's easier to modify without everything blowing up in your face. Enjoy!
  • @aerocapture, this is awesome. Thank you for working on this!

    Some picky details:
    • The `preview.gif` screenshot is still of the old default theme.
    • `vanilla-ie.css` doesn't exist. On top of that, it is inside the loop, meaning it will be included each time for each number of stylesheets. See `head.php` for what I mean.
    Suggestion: Move the CSS for the popular extensions to another file and `@import` it from `vanilla.css`. That way, users can simply comment out one line and keep the file rather than deleting the lines.
  • Bushido gives me a good basis to do what I want, personally. One thing though, is that all themes seem to set fonts in pixel sizes. That seems ok, BUT, it means that the pages appear as you wish on *your* monitor. On someone else's, they may appear larger or smaller, depending upon their screen size and resolution settings. Setting fonts to pt rather than px seems to work better, so I'm currently changing the whole stylesheet to that method. As sirlancelot said though; awesome.
  • RaizeRaize vancouver ✭✭
    Finalllyyy a new theme. I like the adjustments you've made to the default look, especially the fixed width and the login box in the sidebar. Can't wait to try this out, Thanks!
  • Uploaded version 0.3 of Bushido.
  • @sirlancelot: Thanks a bunch for the input. All of your suggestions (as well as some other minor layout tweaks) have been incorporated in version 0.3.

    @Michael3185: I agree with you on the px vs. em vs. pt debate. I just didn't want to reinvent the wheel too much here and the default theme's CSS uses px extensively.

    @Raize: My thoughts exactly. I've been messing around with Vanilla for several years now and I am always amazed at how few themes there are. I think it might actually be an Achilles heel of sorts. Wordpress has so many themes it takes days to pick one out. It might be a good project for someone to build a simple, easy-to-customize, Vanilla theme from the ground up -- one which isn't based at all on the default. Maybe that's where things are going with Vanilla 2, I don't know.

    Anyway, thanks everybody for the comments and keep the feedback coming!
  • Uploaded version 0.4 of Bushido.
  • TODO: The primary navigation tabs start to break when using text zoom on FF, because they're currently designed to "hide" behind the #Header div's overflow:hidden property. Any ideas to rework this are appreciated.
  • Got an issue when Bushido is enabled on my Vanilla install;

    When you attempt to login, it kicks off a redirect loop and changes the URL in the browser address bar to:


    The config file doesn't have any extra http:// with it - this only happens with this specific theme (which I absolutely love, by the way). Any thoughts as to the cause?

    It does this on a (sorry!) vanilla install as well as one with plugins and such.
  • @awpti: Check out this thread. It seems to be an issue with the Vanilla 1.1.8 installer, and not with any particular theme. A quick change to your conf/settings.php file is all that's required.
  • Wow - what a lovely theme! Thanks very much!

    Slight issue though - the p-element's margin is set to 0 in Bushido/styles/default/vanilla.css at line 26. The previous margin (1em 0) was much better, especially for the Markdown extension, which makes good use of the p-element.
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