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German Language

German Language


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    SS ✭✭
    Please, use UTF-8 encoding.
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    Doesn't work for me!
    I changed the language in Dashboard->Site Settings->Gerneral to de-DE but nothing happened!
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    It doesn't work for the "normal" frontend or backend, just for registration (e.g. the invitation email).
    There is a bug when you enter a wrong password, there is just an empty JS box.
    How can we translate the whole system?
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    Bei mir selbst hat es funktioniert.
    Bei einem Freund erschien die Fehlermeldung "validation failed" oO.
    Woran das liegt, dass es bei manchen nicht funktioniert weiß ich nicht.
    Ich bin aber dran!


    For myself, it worked.
    By a friend, the error message 'validation failed" appeared oO ".
    What is the reason that it does not work for some, I do not know.
    But I try to solve the problem.
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    The bug after entering a wrong password is caused by german umlauts in
    I'll ask Mark if this can be changed somehow (UTF8?) or if we have to stick with the html encoding of german umlauts (or any other special characters).
    Look here:
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    S was right :), the umlaut issue was caused by the wrong encoding. Important: it has to be UTF8 without BOM! If you use the notepad++ editor (which is very good btw), you can open the file and go to "encoding" => "convert to UTF-8 without BOM".
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    OK Thx. Then I'm convert it in the next Days.

    P.s: I'm using Notepad++ ;)
    Must I'm delete the Umlauts from the File or can I convert it only? I think the Converting to UTF-8 is enough, or?
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    I'm made a new Version of the File (0.3) with the UTF-8 Encoding.

    It was easier then I thought ;).

    I didn't edit the Umlauts. I only converted the File to UTF-8 without BOM!
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    Conversion is enough, you don't have to change the umlauts. But the conversion did not work! Please try it again (do not just change it on the top in Notepad++, use the "convert to UTF-8 without BOM" option below. I did it with your old file and it worked.
    I found some glitches:
    - $Definition['Locale'] = 'en-CA'; => $Definition['Locale'] = 'de-DE';
    - 'Du musst mindestens 16 Jahre alt sein, um fortzufahren.' (s fehlt, Komma & Punkt)
    - 'Sorry, es ist kein Account zu dieser E-Mail-Adresse verfügbar.' => macht bei falschem Passwort keinen Sinn - 'Bitte überprüfen Sie E-Mail Adresse bzw. Passwort!' finde ich passt besser
    - 'Du musst die AGB akzeptieren.' (s hat gefehlt)
    - 'Du musst mindestens ein %s auswählen.' (s hat gefehlt; 2x vorhanden!)
    - $Definition['RoleID'] = 'Rolle'; => ist doppelt vorhanden (allerdings auch im Original; da mach ich gleich mal ne Änderung in github)
    - "Jemand hat angefragt, dein Passwort im %2$s Forum zurückzusetzten." (has => hat, Komma fehlt & doppelter Punkt am Ende)
    - "Sofern du ein Theme im Ordner %s abgelegt hast..." (Großbuchstabe am Anfang)

    I'll post my "locale.php" with an almost completely translated frontend to you soon, so you might include it in your "definitions.php".
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    "- 'Du musst die AGB akzeptieren.' (s hat gefehlt)" In German you ccan't put a s after the word AGB. You can't say "Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungens" ;)

    O.k. i'm try it again.
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