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edited July 2010 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
All I can say is: wow! I didn't expect that you will make such a great upgrade. I absolutely love the new design (though I personally like blue colors more), and I am pretty amazed at how much changes you've made.

You are super!

Another question, though, that arises here - is are you going to release all these updates and changes as theme and plugins? I'd really love to install some of these on my forum.


  • I was thinking the same thing regarding wondering if they were planning to release the updates and theme and plugins. I'd love to get a hold of some of these as well!

    Looking really great around the forums here!
  • Great news!

    Maybe if you are not ready to release these on addons site, you could put these on git? ;)

    BTW, are this new method of displaying posts (where first post is being shown separately) - is it a plugin or theme or something else?


    - comment lilnks like this (one received in email notification) are not working.
    - popular topics and tagged topics paging isn't working
  • Another one:

    - Mine tab says that there are 7 topics, but there are only 4.
  • I like sorting by votes... now voting itself :D
  • I'd love to have this voting system for my forum! :D
  • edited July 2010
    Hmm, voting is a little unhandy atm, as neither the number votes are shown, neither you can show, and now the sorting is like random. Luckely there is a big toggle to "Date added".

    Edit: Which is non-persistent atm :/
  • Voting bug: when you vote up, and then vote up again it acts as you have clicked "vote down" which is wrong I suppose.
  • TiGRTiGR
    edited July 2010
    List of topics with "" tag shows not 2 topics, but, supposedly, all of them.
  • @Todd I do like this voting feature. I personally think the voting box should be aligned with the avatar, and more subtle colors. Right now it is like waa-bam! Votes! All in all, nice work.
  • ToddTodd Chief Product Officer Vanilla Staff
    @TiGR, good catch. Our framework thinks the .org is a file extension rather than part of the tag. We need to make the tagging plugin restrict periods.
  • TiGRTiGR
    edited July 2010
    @Todd, IMHO, you are making Tags plugin way too restrictive. No unicode, no spaces, no dots.

    Not user-friendly.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    @TIGR - we've restricted tags in a very industry standard way. Check out how stackoverflow restricts tags, for instance.
  • Oooh, liking the new theme, now I wish I had used orange instead of green for my vanilla site. Too late now, of course, I definitely don't want my site looking stock :d

    Great work guys, as usual, can't wait to see the voting system up on the plugins.
  • Questions time!

    I can vote my own comments?
    What's -1 and what happens when I press up/down several times and it goes to 0?

    At 1024px horizontal resolution the voting thingy gets cut. There's no horizontal slider.
  • TiGRTiGR
    edited July 2010
    @Mark, stackoverflow is bad example. It is programing-related web service, and all popular programming languages nowadays use latin character set. So, all relevant keywords would be latin1 encoded.

    But, when you look at more general-purpose sites, you'll find that they use full unicode character set, restricting only commas, as these work as separators.

    Check out picasa, google reader, flickr and many many others.

    So, the question is - is vanilla general-purpose product or programmers-oriented one?

    Having domain name as tagname is quite common thing.
  • Well, good work.
  • ToddTodd Chief Product Officer Vanilla Staff
    Going to post about tags on another thread.
  • re: bugs @Todd, @Tim, @Mark
    when you vote up, and then vote up again it acts as you have clicked "vote down" which is wrong I suppose.
    Well, It is still here, but second click resets value to 0, no mater what value was there before.
    - Mine tab says that there are 7 topics, but there are only 4 (possibly addons are counted in?).
    - comment links (one received in email notification) are not working.
    - popular topics list paging and tagged topics list paging isn't working
    All three are still here.
  • Oh, and why don't you use Minify? was under heavy load today, this might help at least a bit.
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