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Pop-up box bug

edited July 2010 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
Hello forum,

I have successfully installed the latest version of Vanilla onto my website, the address is:

I'm surprised I haven't found this script sooner; I used to frequently test various PHP forum/membership scripts a couple of years ago when I had another website. It's hard to believe such a good script has gone under the radar!

Anyway, my problem is with the pop-up boxes.

When I try to login and click on the 'sign in' link the sign in box appears, I enter my username & password and click the 'sign in' button. Nothing happens, the box doesn't close and the button doesn't display signs of being clicked; almost as if it were a mock button!
I close the box manually in the top right corner and navigate to another part of the site and low and behold I'm signed in. So it is actually logging me in, just a problem with the box it seems.

I'm also having a similar problem when posting.
When i submit and discussion or reply a box appears with lots of skewed HTML code in it. It doesn't go away until i close it manually. But once again, the information has been passed to the database because when i navigate around the site the discussions and/or replies are there.

I'm hoping this is a small and fixable bug!

Can somebody help me out?

Cheers everyone.


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    Seems like javascript problem. Do you have javascript enabled and have you installed any plugins?
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    ToddTodd Chief Product Officer Vanilla Staff
    @leeandrew, what browser/version/os are you using?
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    I have only installed script on site and tested it out. I havent tampered with any aspect of it, so no plugins.

    I have only tried it in Chrome. I will try it in Firefox and IE.
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    Ok, same problem in IE and Firefox. I am on the economy hosting package with GoDaddy, as a result I get the garish ad banner at the top of my site on every page (I am upgrading in a few days). I have noticed that when i post a discussion, every minute or 30 seconds or so it saves to draft, and another banner appears underneath the top one. I posted a message in the course of which it saved 11 drafts and i had 11 ad banners at the top of the page! Maybe the javascript is conflicting with that? I don't know much about JS.
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    I tried installed the script on the main directory too. It is now located at Http://
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    OK. I asked a friend to install the script on his website, which is hosted at, not (where mine is) and it works fine on that server. Possibly it is something with my account? Maybe i deleted something in FTP accidentally? I have no php.ini file in the home directory. Are there any files that are vital for the script to work?
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    edited July 2010
    OK. I asked a friend to install the...
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    ToddTodd Chief Product Officer Vanilla Staff
    @leeandrew, I would hazard a guess that the extra junk godaddy adds might cause a problem. I don't think there's anything we can do to make things work when someone else fiddles with the outputted html.

    I've installed Vanilla on godaddy's cheapest paid hosting with no ads and it works fine.
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    Thanks for reply. I am upgrading with GoDaddy in the coming days, I originally signed up for a Website Tonight account but it was terrible for navigation and i couldnt figure out FTP, so i cancelled it after a few hours - just waiting for GoDaddy to credit me the money so i can sign up for their deluxe package.
    Its reassuring to know that it works on that package before i go ahead and do it though!
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