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What else would you like to see in the plugin?

edited July 2010 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
I am still toying with what I can and cannot do, as well as learning the code a bit, but future plans include privacy options for each field, as well as possible facebook api integration, although to get a facebook api key is somewhat difficult.


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    user will have level exp

    like is
    A user have 10 post level is 10
    B user have 20 post level is 15

    can have a user upgrade system!?

    though i just say :P

    i like your "About Me" ^^
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    Yes, this is definitely something I was thinking about for my website that I am building vanilla on, as it is targeted at PC gamers, and gamers especially love XP.

    Although to be honest this is something I was thinking of making a separate plugin, as the best way to go about this would be to make new events trigger user activity updates, and give specific updates a certain amount of points.

    I had several other ideas to implement with it, such as unlocking "title bars" as seen in COD MW:2 with each level. This probably will take quite some time, as I do not know where to begin using mathematics to calculate points in PHP.

    Great Idea though, thanks for the input. Remember this is my first public code, so I am excited to see other people using my work. ^^
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    HA, though i is linux user but i love linux game :P

    may can reference this addon
    though it in my V2 not work :P

    i in "About Me" add "gender" options ^^

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    Great plugin!
    One issue, I can edit my profile as admin but when I log in with a member test account none of the options to edit appear.
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    Yes, sorry, I just yesterday found this out, as I had not tested it as fully as I should have before I uploaded it.

    I just started using github, so most of my free time yesterday was spent trying to figure out how to configure and use those services, though I spent a moment working on the plugin itself.

    I had made a few other minor fixes as well, though when i found this was the point that I took a break in frustration.

    That issue should be no problem to fix, so expect an updated version in the next few days. Sorry for the wait guys.

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    and @hginli, sorry I thought I posted the response to your last post.

    Thanks for the suggestion, I think it will help.

    I have big plans for the experience/rank/reputation plugin, however, so this may take some time. I would like to use the voting plugin to create a user controlled reputation score as well.

    As far as the gender, it is a funny fact that it appears nowhere on your profile.

    I cannot for the life of me get the normal User table to query the data correctly, though this is the highest priority for the plugin at the moment. I want to mix the data in my plugin with the data already present for garden users, and this will take some time, as it means more than just adding code, it means replacing some.
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    Fixed, Enjoy.

    Version 1.0 should be bug free, I checked it very thoroughly this time.
    you will see a new version with more features in the near future, though I wanted to get the bug fixes out first.
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    Yeah! Just tried it and it is working great for me.

    Thank you for the update.
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    That's great to hear :)

    Glad to see it in action. Hope to have some more features added in the near future ;)
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    will is great "About Me" ^^
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    RaizeRaize vancouver ✭✭
    I think what will really make this plugin shine and keeping with the overall functionality of Vanilla is to have "in place" editing. Once the user clicks on the "About Me" tab, they should see all the fields there and be able to edit them, instead of having a separate pop up link with the fields. It would be smoother and more intuitive this way, and really add a nice new dimension to Vanilla (similar to a facebook profile).

    Just an idea that popped into my head as I was testing it
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