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Wiki integration in Vanilla 1 or Vanilla 2

edited August 2010 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8

I would like to integrate an Wiki in Vanilla1 oder Vanilla2.
It should be editable out of the forum - so it should only be an extra page on the forum - not an extra site.

Very very great would be to have automatical wiki pages for every discussion.

I tried the dokuwiki integration in the documentation von Vanilla1 but I wasn't successful with it.
At the moment I use Vanilla1 but want to upgrade as soon as "attachments" is out there.



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    I'm looking for a simple way to make a extention to turn vanilla technics in a wiki.

    Two Ideas:
    - Turn a Categorie into the Wiki. So every Diskussion becomes a Page of the wiki. And for that Categorie every user is allowed to edit every post
    - Turn the first post of a discussion or a special post above the first post into a post that every user can edit.

    I have no experience in writing extentions - so I need help.
    I read the wiki and the code of some extentions to try to find code I can use - but I think it would take days or weeks for me to come far enought to be able to write such a extention.

    Does anyone wanna help?
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    edited August 2010

    I have some new Ideas by reading the documentation of Vanilla1 and studying some extentions.

    Would be great if the autor of a comment could check a checkbox to make this comment a wiki.
    If he checked the checkbox the other user, who are allowed to, can edit this comment, like people can do how have permission to edit all comments.

    Whats to do?
    1) in comments.php it has to be a rule, that the "edit" link is shown, if this comment is a wiki-comment
    2) in post.php it has to be a role to check if that comment is a wiki-comment, so people can edit
    3) there has to be a checkbox in the commentform and the form in post.php - only visible for the autor and the admin?
    4) there has to be a way to save with comment is a wiki-comment, might be a extra field in the comment-table or a extra table with only the information "commentID" and "wiki-status" in it. Think the second version would be better for let option to delete this extention.
    5) Permission: CAN_WRITE_TO_WIKI (can write to wiki comments), CAN_SET_TO_WIKI (can set his own comments to wiki-comments), CAN_SET_All_TO_WIKI (can set or unset all commets to wiki-comments)

    Optional extras:
    1) like in "thankful people" a way to show every user who has taken part in that wiki
    2) a way to show, that the wiki-comment change is the latest change on that discussion - because that info might get lost by the way

    Does anyone what to help to an extention like that one.

    I will try to push it forward, but don't know if my knowledge about writing extentions will be enough - I guess they won't...

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    Yeah ! I hope Vanilla would implement it .
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    There should be a wiki-system on top of garden (as seen on vanilla2 documentation), but when it will be released is not clear.

    So as soon as this application is released I think that would be a great feature for vanilla2 forums. But for vanilla1 there it nothing like that.
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    edited August 2010
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    Double posted.
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    Yesterday I have done Point 4 and 5 of my list.

    = done =
    4) Database tables for wikified comments was done with help of "thankful people" and it works. So the tables are created if not existing
    5) Permission have been set with help of another extention - but as I have seen, thats an easy one

    = going next =
    3) will be done - there will be a link "wikify" (and maybe "unwikify") instead of a checkbox. But I haven't included to check the Permissons and the link does nothing at the moment - I would like to do it like in "thankfulpeople" via Ajax - so by clicking the link a change in the database is done and in the best case change the link-text and give the possibility to "unwikify".

    = to do=
    I don't have any clou write now how to fix 1) and 2) - I think I could do that by hack the core files, but that's not a good way, I think.

    I have to manipulate themes/comments.php on about line 120 where it say in which cases the "edit" link is shown and put in the rule to check if that comment is a wikified comment and if is is so if the user has Permission_can_write_to_Wiki. This template ist used by vanilla.control.commentGrid.php

    And I have to manipulate vanilla.control.discussionForm.php which generate the form to edit comments and post them (included by post.php and comment.php) so that users with the write permission can write to wikified comments.

    = Happy about help =
    I would be happy about help and advice - will save me some ours of studying the documentation and other extention.
    Otherwise I guess I will hack the core and that isn't a fine way.
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