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Wordpress 3.01 and Vanilla 2 Forums Integration

edited August 2010 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
Reference tutorial:

I've followed the tutorial and still can't get the integration quite working. I have wordpress installed in a folder, then vanilla forums installed in a subfolder within wordpress.

They both share the same database, so the wordpress and vanilla tables live within the same database.

I've enabled the WordPress Vanilla SSO plugin and took the URLs and added them to the Vanilla ProxyConnect plugin settings.

When I log into WordPress, everything is fine. When I click on "Sign In" on Vanilla, it takes me to the WordPress login page correctly, accepts my username and password correctly, but I return back to the Vanilla forum page and the links still say "Sign In" instead of knowing that I've logged in. I can't do anything a logged in person can like access the dashboard or add a new forum post.

I've reinstalled WordPress and Vanilla a few times to get this to work, but no success. Has anyone had success with single sign-on between WordPress 3 and Vanilla Forums 2?


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    @dlim_vernier have you put the domain in your wordpress plugin? The domain you can see on your vanilla plugin dashboard?

    Even when you log in to wordpress and you go back to vanilla you still need to press sign-in but it will automatically sign you in. This is to save DB stress, or else vanilla would be always checking if you are logged in. At least this was the idea i got from the maker of Proxy Connect.
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    @dlim_vernier Sounds familiar to me, did you check if your server has the curl extension enabled?
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    @binhdo Thanks for the tip. The problem was not having curl installed on the server.
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    @DML Thanks for the heads up for pressing sign-in even though I'm logged on. It's not the only unexpected behavior I've noticed with this plug-in.

    It seems that if I log off from WordPress or Vanilla, and I return to the forums, I'm still logged in to Vanilla but not WordPress. My take is that Vanilla uses a session variable that doesn't get destroyed until the browser closes.
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    My issue is that it won't let me sign out of Vanilla. I love how you've integrated it and wish others took your approach. The signing out issue only matters, at least in the short run, as I test it with multiple accounts.
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    TimTim Operations Vanilla Staff
    Signing out was somewhat neglected in the previous versions. I've rethought the way I handle the remote site and signing out is much more seamless in the upcoming 1.8 release.

    Vanilla Forums COO [GitHub, Twitter,]

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    RaizeRaize vancouver ✭✭
    I'm just waiting for the 1.8 release at this point.
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    I'm I doing something wrong? I installed the Proxyconnect plugin from the vanilla dashboard. no matter who I login as in wordpress when I post a comment they all look like they are the same person. I can also edit other posts that are not mine.
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