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Whats next on the list of things to do

edited August 2010 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8

I wanted to start the discussion for whats next for the vanilla road map.


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    MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    edited August 2010
    Great question, @bobtheman

    With Vanilla 2 complete, we are doing minor fixes to bugs that come up in the core, and starting to put a heavy focus on plugins that we need for the hosting service.

    The team definitely has it's hands full with supporting the community and perfecting the core. What I would be *very* interested in seeing is a roadmap for the community members. What plugins are on the horizon for the community? What would people like to see developed, or develop themselves?

    Vanilla was built so that others could build upon it. What do you guys want to build?
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    A user blog might be an easy one to develop, i might have a go at that
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    Brand new to this forum, but long time vanilla fan. It would be great to have the following Vanilla 1 extensions (or equivalents) updated to Vanilla 2 addons:

    Blog this
    Page Manager

    I have a Vanilla 1 forum that uses these plugins. Thanks.
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    @Mark: There are two plugins that I would like to see for Vanilla 2, which are common to most forum software: polls and attachments. I'm not sure about polls, but I know attachments are a feature over at Hopefully getting that plugin, and others found on, suitable for public release is high up on the priority list. :D
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    A good solid BBCode implementation would be very nice.
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    Attachments as a definitive number 1.
    Page manager

    A little side note regarding attachments:
    I am very interested in an attachment system that would make it possible for me to use the attachments in other parts of Garden/Vanilla. I run a discussion forum for designers where I'd like to show the latest highlights from various categories. In that case it would be handy if the attachment was linked to the post which is linked to the user in some sort of relational database way.
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    I would like to see an OAuth plugin for vanilla, there is word that it's been developed but there is no clear road map for it. It would be nice to know if there are plans for that so that no duplicate efforts are made.

    OAuth implementation will probably support twitter/facebook/google pack.
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    edited August 2010
    i want to say i remember discussion of adding Oauth to the proxy connect plugin

    I would like to see sidebar widgets/ nuggets (not sure what vanilla refers to them as).

    Updates to the custom page plugin (this should be an app).

    Some simple spam prevention settings in core

    extended guest options, specifically guest posting

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    I could really use a sitemap.xml plugin. I had a look at one for Vanilla 1 but it seems it was not finished and last updated in 2007. I was thinking about trying to make it myself however I have never created a Vanilla plugin before and I can't find any classes/functions reference to help me. One of the greatest things about wordpress is the codex. I know no one enjoys documenting things but I think having a wordpress style codex/wiki would take Vanilla to the next level as it would enable a much larger amount of people to develop plugins and applications. I would say apart from bugfixes it is the most important thing you can do, far more important than any new features. And in my experience, the longer you leave any documentation project, the worse it gets!
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    BBcode? No, Vanilla2 is innovative: why not Textile?
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    @candyman Because I have years of previous posts formatted in bbcode that now look wrong. Also users are used to bbcode, know how to use it and quickly format text based on it, forcing existing users to learn something new isn't always welcomed by the users of a site.

    Sure Textile may have more options available to it, but not everyone needs them, and what's wrong with having choice?
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    with all due respect, bbcode should be left in the past. bbcode henders online communication and there are other options that are easier, and visually appealing.

    I have nothing wrong with a bbcode plugin but having anyone develop bbcode for a core addition would be a waste of time.

    bbcode's successor = wysiwyg editors.
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    Documentation. <-- This page is a shame, really.
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    TimTim Operations Vanilla Staff
    @shmish111 We have this, releasing it soon ;)

    Vanilla Forums COO [GitHub, Twitter,]

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    1. Very high in the top: A good text editor like WYSIWYG or WYSIWYM that works well with a quote option
    2. Better use of classes and default tags
    3. Theme changer on user end (I'm going to try to make this myself)
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