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Can't get Conversations to work in 2.0.3

edited August 2010 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
I am having a problem in getting conversations to post in 2.0.3. When I hit "Start Conversation" the little activity indicator keeps advancing over and over but the conversation never really posts to the inbox. Any ideas?




  • ToddTodd Chief Product Officer Vanilla Staff
    Check your outgoing email settings. You may not have them configured and they could be timing out.
  • Ok,

    I think email is set up properly. What is strange is that I can send a message to a user via the "send a message" selection in the user panel of dashboard but when I try to start a discussion in the "inbox" it stalls. Aren't both of these conversations, the send user a message and the start discussions, or am I confused? The send user a message text does appear in the inbox but the start discussion feature in the inbox stalls. If that makes any sense.
  • DanDevineDanDevine
    edited August 2010

    I spent some more time on this. I added test users using one of my other email addresses and did receive an approval email to that test address if I approve it, nothing if I decline so I assume the email is set up properly. I, as admin, have never received any email, no notifications of posts like I was getting in version 1.16. I do NOT receive an email to me notifying me of a new application for membership so I can pretty well say something is wrong with email to ME. I cannot start a new conversation using the start a new conversation button in the inbox but I can add to a conversation that I had started before I converted to version 2.0.3 just fine. I can edit my account by using the edit selection in the edit|delete section of the user panel but I can't edit my account when I use the Edit my Account selection under the left options panel of User, the window just keeps running but never saves the changes. Same behavior as the Start a Discussion window. Have to bail out by using the close window button. I have so far noticed no problems with starting a discussion, replying, editing or deleting discussions.

    I have done this testing using version 2.0.3, the default vanilla theme, and all plugins disabled. I have all the checkboxes checked in MY roles and permissions. Hope someone can shed a light on what is going on.

  • Same problem. I fill in the conversation form, hit the Start conversation button and nothing happens. Activity indicator just keeps going and going...
  • this is likely the same problem as with the setting popup boxes not closing properly.

    Try installing the latest version from github, this fixes the issue with the forms.
  • But, isn't 203 the latest version?
  • Yep! Your correct. edited the title and content of the original post. I can't really remember if it was working in 2.0.1 either but I did have some conversations in 2.0.1 so it must have been working for someone in 2.0.1. I think it is that popup box bug and like everyone else just hanging in there until 2.0.4 and hopefully a bunch of fixes to some of the problems.

  • 2.0.6 solved this problem.

    Thanks for the great update.
  • I hate to be the bring of bad news, but I am still getting this exact same issue with 2.0.9
    Did anyone ever work out what was causing it?
  • Just tried updating to 2.0.13 but this caused errors with the database update and still didnt fix this issue with the conversations not working
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