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Style changes after signing in

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Hi to all of you, just installed vanilla for the first time, and i am really satisfied with it. tried loads of other forums, but vanilla seems to be the handiest one. glad i came on to it. there is one thing i cant get solved and i couldnt find on the board. Why can I just apply style changes to the signe out status. I got no problem in defining a new style folder, works perfect, as long as I am not logged in. But as soon as I am logged in, the style changes to the default vanilla style. Been looking hard, but cant find where to tell the system, that the path to the css after loggin in should be the same as befor. any hints appreciated. thanks ma74


  • of course it works if i overwrite the contents of styles/vanilla with the contents of styles/soulscape_red. but would there be a less rough solution?
  • I believe the default style change only affects new users. Existing users were considered to have a preference of the previous style and therefore it left them on it. It's been debated before with various outcomes. Just to double check, create a new user and log in and see if they have the new default style. If not then there's definately something goin on.
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    You can set the default style in: Settings -> Application Settings Scroll down till you see the Application Settings section and then you'll see "Default style folder", set that to use whatever style you want. EDIT: In addition to what mini said this will change what all logged out users see and also any users who registered and used the default theme you had before will still be set on that theme regardless of if you change the default style folder in the app settings.
  • ja, thats what i did anyway. still the style was the default one after logging in. but i can live with replacing everything in the default folder as well for the time being. thanks anyway
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    You would need to enable the Styles extension. Then add your new style to the database using the "Manage Styles" button in the settings tab. Then go into your account profile and select your new style.
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh. ok. too late. know it for the next time.
  • Reloaded :) Really no way to globally change the default style ? My users are hardly able to post, so changing style through the user preferences is going to be mission impossible for them.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    You should be able to do it through mysql.

    Assuming that the style your users are supposed to be seeing is in the LUM_Style table as StyleID 1, you can globally assign the style with the following query:

    update LUM_User set StyleID = 1;
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    Ok, thanks. Also, do the users have to enter the full url to the style or can they let something relative to the application like me?
  • they can use something relative assuming it's correct.
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