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Is this a complete plugin?

edited September 2010 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
I know there are notes in the code stating that the author will not be responding to change requests, but can I ask whether this is actually a complete plugin or not? It does not appear to be functional at all, so far as I can see, possibly has files and views missing, and the files have the wrong names.

Is there a more recent or full version available? What it offers is just what I am looking for, and the alternative plugins are just overkill for my immediate needs.


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    Okay, I didn't realise the plugin was tar archived as well as gzipped. I have a version as a zip file here if it is any use (since I can't attach files to these comments):

    I have raised the version to 0.2 after fixing two problems:

    1. The "Format" class no longer exists. An alternative has been used instead.

    2. The three profile fields have been set to allow NULL values in the database. Although NULL does not actually get written (an empty string is written instead) the plugin was raising a fatal error if any of the profile fields were left blank. I think the form handler was seeing the NOT NULL attributes and treating it as meaning the field cannot be left blank.

    Hope that is of use.
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    Thanks. I noticed it didn't include much localisation. Therefor I've edited the views to include the T() function. Might be worth including it.
    I would like to do more things with it but i lack the knowledge and time:
    - have the profile data field completely optional (i for one didn't need the "Occupation field" but a "website" field, and i could have a Twitter field, etc). Would be nice to make all this customizable.
    - Have an option to display the full name instead of the vanilla-default login name as Post author.
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    edited September 2010
    Yes, having a bunch of customisable fields would certainly make a nice plugin. I expect everyone has different needs, and that would be ideal. On the development side, the information could go into metadata rather than a table of its own. (I think the metadata table should not be limited to users - it could apply to discussions, comments, categories etc. allowing other modules to add to Vanilla without the need to create additional tables.)

    Good news on the second point (and displaying unique and unchangeable login IDs irks me too) I have been working on the DisplayName plugin that does exactly as you describe. It will take the display name from this module and attempt to display it everywhere that the "name" (i.e. login name) is normally displayed. There are some aspects of it that have to be put into the theme though, such as where "name" is directly displayed as a title for the profile page, and I'm trying to work out a way around that so that everything is enclosed within the plugin.

    I have an open question somewhere on these boards that asks how a plugin can override a core view (presumably allowing the theme to override that), but no answers yet.

    I have only been working on it this week, and the code is still a bit messy - I'm still pretty new to the MVC moduel Vanilla uses - but I can send you it if you think it will be any use.
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    IsaacIsaac New
    edited June 2011
    1. The "Format" class no longer exists. An alternative has been used instead.
    The Format class is still a problem with this plugin.
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    jone68jone68 New
    edited September 2011
    @judgej Have you done fixing this? please share if you do.

    anybody have info about this plugin?

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