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Mac or PC?

edited November 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
A poll feature would be useful right now. you use a Mac or a PC?

I am currently on my own custom-built PC, though I'd sure love a Mac Mini. Mmmmm....


  • Mac laptop, Windows desktop, Linux webserver.
  • windows laptop, very old grape iMac that I use for graphics and wordprocessing, and Windows desktop.
  • Winnie the Laptop, Winnie the Desktop, Power Macster and a Tux Servant
  • Custom built PC with Windows and dual booting Ubuntu (for the time being. Might be dropping teh linux).
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Gentoo laptop / server and win2k pro desktop (ef XP).
  • iMac / PC laptop / PC desktop mp3 server thingie
  • windows windows windows. I am considering the switch...
  • 3stripe3stripe ✭✭
    edited December 2005
    DO IT!
  • XP laptop dual booting Fedora. Next machine will be a DIY Myth TV box/development server/file server.
  • Mac desktop, mac laptop.
  • Windows XP Desktop at home.
    Windows XP Desktop at work.
    Windows XP Tablet work Laptop.
    Windows 2000 other work Laptop.
    Windows Server 2003 server at work.
    PowerMac G4 on old GIS system at work.

    I want a Mac Mini or an iBook.
  • XP desktop - custom built, but broken do to power surge XP Laptop - that I have had to reinstall XP 2 times since I bought it 7 months ago iMac (intel) - no problems running strong for 4 months now MacBook Pro (intel) - no problems Jeremy
  • Sony Vaio Desktop
    (2) Sony Vaio Laptops
    Dell Dimension 3000 desktop
    IBM Aptiva desktop
    (all networked at home)
  • macbook pro
  • I've been using Macs since I was 5. :) I'm comfortable in Windows, but I've long preferred Mac and Unix/Linux environments. I currently have a 2004 PowerBook G4, but its time is almost up -- I have a MacBook Pro on the way.
  • Well I suppose there's proof that I wanted a Mac. I've since been convinced otherwise. Ironically by a Mac evangelist.
  • PolPol
    edited November 2006
    I've always been a Mac person, but I can't stand the "evangelists" on any side.
  • Win @ work, Mac @ home, @ play and everything else. Old Toshiba behemoth laptop currently on win, but soon to be sporting some flavour of *nix for serving porpoises.
  • edited November 2006
    Mac, MacBook Pro. Mac is awesome. Windows computers are bad. Microsoft is a shitty company as is their OS Windows (XP, Vista).
  • I'd better inform my boss up at the office of these new revelations.
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