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suggestion : counting guests

This discussion is related to the Who’s Online addon.
edited October 2010 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
That would be great if this "Who's online" plugin could also count unregistered visitor browsing the forum.

is this feature in the pipes? or better, already exists?


  • Yeah, I would like to know this too. Would like to have this ''who's online'' thing at the bottom of my website showing all the members and guests. Something like this:

    ''50 members and 200 guests browsing the forums'', then showing all the members who are online.
  • I actually have a new version i started working on a little while ago. Can't remember if its ready for release or not though. But includes things like visitor count, show if there is a bot viewing. When I get a spare moment, ill upload it for you to test.
  • edited May 2011
    @garymardell That would be great! Thanks!!
  • @garymardell I'd like to try this out as well!
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    @2PacChannel @crmarks and @smoigecom

    Here is a download link, I hope it works for you guys. Really not tested very much. So let me know if you encounter any problems. This is called Pro as the aim was to sell this for a $1 or two. I still might, what do you guys think? Would you be prepared to spend a few $ to support a plugin?
  • It looks good, some nice additions. I'd be willing to pay a few bucks for a solid plugin that will be kept compatible and updated over time. It seems a lot of plugin development has stalled out since late last year, and many are no longer working.

    Some suggestions for future development:

    - The option to show active user counts as totals only, instead of a user list. "30 guests, 24 members, 1 anonymous members"
    - The option to show active users as a comma separated list, to use less space. (Like traditional forum software display them)
    - The option not to display a user's active time, with a simple statement at the top "Active Members in the last X minutes"
    - The option to only display the box on the discussions index page, but not within discussions
  • Thanks @crmarks Those are definitely some good suggestions. Once my exams are over and I have a bit more time I will try and implement some of these. They will be all added to the Pro version. With new team members on board for Vanilla hopefully things will pick up again shortly. Seems to be a lot of focus on business side of things and fewer announcements.
  • lucluc ✭✭
    They are lots of improvements in unstable since last release, split/merge, whispers, QnA, etc... And many issues mentionned in the forum received a commit. And as many things have changed, they just can't release it like that. It's more like a 2.1 release.
  • crmarkscrmarks New
    edited May 2011
    I have been browsing through the Github repository lately, lots of great new additions. I'm excited for the upcoming release, Split/Merge and QnA will be nice to have.

    I can see how it's tough to keep plugins updated when the core is still evolving. I think there's some opportunities for premium plugins and applications though.
  • Yeah 2$ for the pro version of that plugin would be great :)
  • Going to remove the download link now, if you didnt get it PM me and I may give it to a few more people. The rest will have to wait for the big unveiling sometime. :P
  • I'll wait for the pro version :) Got a release date planned already bro?
  • @2PacChannel Well I have an exam tomorrow, *fingers crossed it goes well* Then a week before my next, so if I have time maybe then. However I can't guarantee anything though. So there is no solid date, but please be patient and I'll have something for you guys soon. :) In the mean time, i've taken crmarks suggestions on board, but feel free to give me any more of things you would like to see.
  • That's cool bro, I had exams this week lol, thank god that shit is over, good luck man! But yeah @crmarks's suggestions are all that are missing from the plugin imo, with those things it will be amazing and definetly worth paying for! :D
  • @2PacChannel Just revamped the whole location system, I think you will be impressed. Makes it a lot more flexible, rather than selecting fixed locations. You can now type in a route where you wish it to show. This means you can easily show it on your custom pages and get a finer control of its location. Going to revamp the whole admin page next and add the other options.
  • @garymardell Can't wait man, sounds great! :D
  • @glow @crmarks @2PacChannel I have finally released Who's Online Pro, you can get it at If you experience any problems or have more requests please feel free to post on

    The pro version will receive new features and the free version will just remain compatible.
  • Hi,

    Paypal is not supported in my country. Is there any other way to pay? I need the premium version to track the hidden and guest users count.

  • hbfhbf wiki guy? MVP

    @garymardell - just downloaded the pro version. i like the visitor count feature. are you accepting enhancement requests?

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