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Incompatible with HTMLPurifier (bad HTML generated?)

ShmizzleShmizzle New
edited October 2010 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
If this plugin is enabled, along with the HTMLPurifier plugin, and you use a "regular" blockquote (<blockquote>foo</blockquote>), then HMTLPurifier strips out everything below that blockquote.

So if you made the following post:

<blockquote>foo</blockquote> Testing, testing, 123.

"Testing, testing, 123" would not be displayed. Insert the "rel=blah" and it will be.

I believe the problem is line 100 of the file class.quotes.plugin.php. </blockquote> is being replaced even if there is no "rel", whereas it should only be replaced if there is a "rel".


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    Note that above the </p></div> was added by the Quotes plugin, not me.

    I was able to fix it by commenting out the str_replace() call on line 100 of class.quotes.plugins.php, replacing the preg_replace_callback() call on line 99 with:

    $Data->Body = preg_replace_callback('/(<blockquote rel="([\d\w_ ]{3,30})">)(.*)(<\/blockquote>)/u', array($this, 'QuoteAuthorCallback'), $Data->Body);

    and replacing the return call on line 119 with return <<<BLOCKQUOTE
    <blockquote class="UserQuote"><div class="QuoteAuthor">{$Attribution}</div><div class="QuoteText"><p>{$Matches[3]}</p></div></blockquote>

    It works for me and now will only replace </blockquote> with </p></div></blockquote> if there is a "rel" in the blockquote.

    I'm not too skilled in the regex department by the way so if anyone sees a flaw in my regex please let me know.
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    Dangit, my solution works unless there are nested blockquotes. Any ideas?
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    Okay, I've found a solution that has been working (even with nested blockquotes) so far: all <blockquote>'s, even ones without the "rel", are converted to <blockquote><div><p>.

    Here's the modified class.quotes.plugin.php file that works for me:

    Note I didn't make any changes to the BBCode part of the file, since my board doesn't use BBCode.
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