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[Plugin Release] EMailSubscription

This discussion is related to the EMailSubscribe addon.


  • I had to remove the "Subscribe to All" feature since now we are more concerned with permissions and I had to somewhat fake it via JavaScript.

    I am almost done with a new version that restores and improves the "Subscribe everyone to everything THEY CAN VIEW" option in the dashboard. Will pack it up and upload it a bit later.

  • @bezzoh besides what I wrote above, I don't understand what you mean.

  • Uploaded. Please update.

  • Hi /cd,

    I have a problem with the last update. When I hit the subscribe everyone to everything they are permitted the page doesn't refresh and I all I see is a blank white page. I am not notified of any changes and have to hit the back button to get back to the site. Using and default Vanilla theme
  • Apparently, I did not take the last update to my code. Bumped up the version now, should work.

  • Im still having a problem with it. It now saves my changes, however when i look at 'my' email subscriptions I have none and am unable to click on the subscribe to all categories. I am the forum admin and in roles and permissions have permissions to all areas of the forum.

    In fact the main subscribe to all button doesnt tick any boxes at all. I've had one of my other users log in that has a restricted membership and should be able to subscribe to all but around 2 categories and they too have 'none'.
  • Ok /cd

    That fixed the blank page problem.


  • Sorry, the plugin is not done yet and does not work. I have figured a way to do it right, done it right, but I am on a remote computer now. I will upload a new version in about 2h, when I get to my main computer.

  • Ok, I just uploaded and I am pretty confident this is a stable release. The problem with the previous two releases was that I did not understand properly how the internals of Vanilla Categories + Permissions actually work, since the Categories changed since the last time I developed for this plugin (we now have nested Categories), so it was a bit of trial and error until I got all the possible cases right.


  • no-joy. Subscribing all users to content does nothing still. Both myself as an administrator and another test user have all subscriptions de-selected when checking.
  • @bezzoh But i just tried it on 3 live systems and it works... What version of Vanilla are you using?
  • 2.0.16. Perhaps I should upgrade :o)

    Think I'll do it next week and will let you know how I get on. Thanks for all your work on this mate, appreciated!
  • Yes, that explains some stuff. In 2.0.17, there was a major redesign in the categories and my script takes that into consideration.

  • Gotchya. I've been putting the upgrade off for a while now. It might resolve another plugin i need to upgrade also. Thanks again, will post next week (or as soon as I get round to upgrading)
  • Hmmmm.... Finally upgraded and after overcoming a few other hurdles I've still got this issue but I dont think its the plugin now causing it. For some reason when I define custom permissions on a category they 'seem' to take effect in that the person next to me is unable to see the category at first glance however he still received an email after I subscribed all users to 'what theyre allowed to view'.

    On further investigation when I go back into the category the custom permissions have all reset and there is a tick is all the default boxes again.

    Anyone else seen this?
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