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How can I move a member’s entry from one discussion to a new one?

edited February 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Hi I have just recently started using Vanilla and was hoping to find a way to move some of the member entries from there original discussions to new ones - is this possible? I would use the edit feature but I want to be sure that it still shows that it was created by the original user. Thanks for any help


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    lechlech Chicagoland
    If you have the admin account, or an equally powerful one, all it consists of is editing the original post, and changing it's discussion category. resave it and viola!
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    I think maybe he means to edit a specific post and move it to another dicussion...
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    In which case it's currently not possible. Extension....?
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    lechlech Chicagoland
    ehhh, you mean as in 'me accidently posting THIS message to THIS thread, but instead wanting it in another thread because I inadvertantly posted it to the wrong thread' type of extension/feature? egad, happy mapping on that one!
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    I would love to have this function in vanilla, it's very handy when a thread goes way offtopic and you want to split out the second topic into a new thread.
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    hm. this is a vital feature to keep topics organized. we need an extension like that. we are not able to tidy up our mess.
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    How about getting the author of the errant post to edit/copy it then repost it under the correct topic.

    An admin may then delete the one in the wrong place.

    Not ideal but a work-around. I get them to add please delete this post to the old one, then I do a search every couple of days.

    Note: Requires the Comment Removal extension.

    Posted: Wednesday, 14 February 2007 at 9:08AM (AEDT)

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    This should not be such a difficult extension to write, isn't it only a matter of changing one field in the Comment table entry and two fields in the two Discussion entries?

    If you are handy in MySQL/phpMyAdmin this is also a workaround.
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    edited February 2007
    Im just changing the DiscussionID via phpmyadmin (One Value!).

    @Max_B: What do you mean, when you say:
    "...two fields in the two Discussion entries"

    Can't see wich values you mean. I tried changing *only* the DiscussionID of an Comment Entry.
    It worked perfectly!
    So simple......?

    What about a dropdown-box when editing a comment, that lists all the discussions to choose from?
    Just like that list you get when editig the first comment of a discussion.
    If you choose one and click on "submit changes" (or whatever it is in the english version), the extesion simply alters the DiscussionID to the picked one.

    Not so familiar with php, otherwise the extension would be finished already.
    Not understanding why we need such a long time to get this indispensable extension working.
    Tryin it myself...
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    Max_BMax_B New
    edited February 2007
    and (optionally) LastUserID/DateLastActive
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