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Update for critical security issue in PHPMailer included in release Vanilla 2.3.1
Please upgrade to 2.3 here. The 2.2 and earlier branches are no longer being updated.

Vanilla as OAuth authentication consumer and OpenID relying party

edited October 2010 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.2
I wonder why there's no official supports for OAuth authentication and OpenID up to now (1.0.13). As they are open standards and already widely adopted by websites and softwares.

For a community website which has a more than one service (e.g.: forum, blog, wiki), they are very useful as they will make the users need only one account.

Will they be eventually officially implemented? Because I've seen that there are OpenID and OAuth library already included in the package but I didn't find their usage (or maybe I missed it?). Or through proxyconnect?

And if there's any guide or something to implement this, I don't mind to hack one (I've checked the proxyconnect but unable to figure out where I should start). If there's any skeleton or base code (for authenticator plugin), It'll be easier for me to get started.

*note: I'm currently creating a software (going to be an OSS) which does nothing but user account management (only the accounts, no profiles) and hack another softwares to use it as the only authentication path either by identity sharing (through OAuth, OpenID, OpenID Connect) or by session sharing (through socket).


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