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ReplyTo Version 0.1.3 Released

edited November 2010 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
This fixes the show-stopper need for a core Gdn::SQL() extension. You should upgrade to this version to prevent SQL errors when attempting to reply to a comment that was created before the plugin was installed.

Also the code has had a bit of tidying up, but nothing major.


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    I've installed this plugin, new button have appeared, but when I post new comment using this new form it is being displayed as regular comment.
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    @TiGR have you followed the instructions in the readme,tx file for modifying your theme? What about the ordering - do replies appear immediately after the comment you are replying to?
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    No. Why should I read readmes? :) Generally, there is a way to make auto-fix for theme, but that is dirty-hacky one, or another way is to inject scripts in every comment that would change comment's class. BTW, @Tim, is that anyhow possible to inject something into theme (change classes)?

    I'd recommend you giving one more generic name for all nested comments. So that you could easily add some common markup to all nested comments. For instance,

    border-left: 1px solid green;

    It would be nice to add new class, such as 'NestedComment' (or just 'Nested', in css it would look like '.Comment.Nested') or something else, and another class that defines the level.

    Also, there's a bug in replyto.css, line 72 should read

    .ReplyToDepth-10plus .CommentForm {

    (currently 'plus' missing).
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    Another bug: if nested comment is first on page, it won't be indented.
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    Another thing: I think that You should put your additional classes one level higher (to li.Item.Comment), thus providing more flexibility to modify nested comments' look.
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    edited November 2010
    I've corrected the stylesheet selector (the missing "plus"). Will be with the next release.

    There is, I have just noticed, a "echo $CssClass" on one block back - the list item. I'll look into whether it would be possible to inject classes in there. I will also make sure the comment object has enough data that will allow people to write their own class rules in the template.

    Also added a "ReplyToDepth-1plus" class to the first level of nesting (line 444, just change "$i = 5" to "$i = 1" in the loop initialisation).

    The nested comment not being indented when the first on a page is kind of a feature, well, a limitation. The nesting level is calculated within the single fetched page only, so does not inherit any levels from the previous page. A nesting level is therefore not an absolute fixed value as it depends on what slice of comments are being displayed from the discussion.

    The way I plan to work around this, is to provide a link back to the parent comment when a comment does not have its parent on the same page (and so does not gain any indentation). Something like "this is a reply to [link]" would be sufficient I think.

    In the other direction, comments that have replies on the next page could also link directly to those comments, "discussion continued at [link]".

    I'm comfortable with the way that works. To provide absolute indentation would involve fetching the entire discussion (at least up to the current page) and calculating indentation inherited from previous comments. That is not necessary for my purposes, but it could be added as an option if anyone wished to code it.

    Edit: forgot to thank you for the feedback and suggestions.
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    edited November 2010
    Download this version here, in case you need this older version to compare to (v0.1.4 has some exposed changes to the styles):

    Otherwise, just download the latest version.
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