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[Magic Addon] Replacement for this plugin? Make a fork?*

edited February 2011 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
As this plugin seems to be unmaintained would anybody mind if i created a fork of this?
Current plan is to extend it to include tables, some basic bb code and embedding links from other video sites.


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    1. Video conversion for youtube an vimeo is in the core.
    2. Image resizing is in the core (buggy though).

    So, what are you going to add to new magic plugin? BB codes don't seem to fit the idea of magic plugin.
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    It was more the fact that the current download needs corrections before it works. As listed in many forum posts.
    The other features are things which users expect to work like magic.
    ie i paste a table from excel it should show as a table.

    They have been added on my copy as part of this but your right they probably should be a separate plugin.
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    edited November 2010
    @bas67 was the original author - the example seems to got to an ISP holding page so he seems gone forever.
    I thing the original idea was to simply turn urls or uploaded files into inline/embedded images/displays etc
    - I don't think it should go anywhere near bbcode !!! but pasted spreadsheet tables sounds fine
    It seems to work for me but every time I upgrade the links to the images I am using break.
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    Doesn't work with urls imported from Vanilla 1. It does seem to work with newly created discussions.
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    what about the licence oft the extention - is it an open source licence (I think so - but haven't checked the code) - so than you are allowed to fork. And as it seems the original developer don't maintain it any more - so it would be a good idee if you do it - i guess.

    Is there a rule, that every extention on vanilla has to be open source - may a certain licence - would like that because this is about giving something back to the community.
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    This is why im asking as there is no license on the code.

    If you give me a week ill have a plugin up which does the same thing but as a rewrite. (no license issues then)
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    Try to make sure it works with imported V1 discussions and comments. Thanks!
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    All the plugin does is to process the comments as it displays.
    Ill make sure it works with both sorts of youtube links and ill try with the images.
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    for those who complained that if having %20 in the url or am image and an emticon in the same discutssion one of them is not visible ived fixed this. you can download the Magic plugin modified from:
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    edited January 2011
    Is there a completed fork of this yet? If not I can share what I am working on which updated some of the youtube code to make it work and adding support for vimeo too.
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    edited January 2011
    LOL so after digging in it looks like youtube vimeo support is already there...

    At least my work is not in vain. I needed it to update a ton of old posts from a phpbb forum I am importing that was using BBCode to embed youtube & vimeo.
    I went ahead and made it embed youtube playlist url's too since those are not currently being done.
    I also added the other BBCodes so those old posts don't look broken with [b]tags[/b] all over the place. ;)

    If anyone else needs/wants it let me know.

    youtube vid link

    youtube playlist link
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    I'd be interested in your fork'd version. Is image support working w/ Vanilla 2?
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    This was great, thanks!
    I added [url] replacement, if you are interested I uploaded it here.
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    Thanks Davidis and ottorobba. I am going to try this updated plugin (there's not many around here that work flawlessly with Vanilla2) and hopefully it's going to work fine.
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    edited March 2011
    Strange, I can't see anything working with a youtube link on my site. Also a couple of this links have gone dead. Does anyone have a fresh one? The one from @Davidis is not working unless I am just missing some setting or something. Thanks.

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    @scoobee you should be able to see the youtube & vimeo links without the plugin if you are running Vanilla 2 - It is part of core

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    Lol... thanks @Pixelnated. You wouldn't believe how long I pestered around with this.
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    @pixelnated and in activity page?
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    on this forum if i copy a link video in activity page i see a preview! my version of vanilla is
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