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EMailSubscription using bookmarks

This discussion is related to the EMailSubscribe addon.
ddumontddumont ✭✭
edited November 2010 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
I was having an issue with this plugin and I had to take a look at your code to find the problem.

Your addon lets you subscribe to new conversations but uses the bookmark feature to subscribe to conversations in an ongoing manner.

I can see why you did this but unfortunately it will not work in my case. I've migrated a ton of old forum data over from an older Vanilla 1 forum, and I don't want to have to go bookmark every conversation in a discussion in order to get notified of new comments.

Instead of hooking the new conversation save method, can you hook the new comment method (or both) to provide a way to monitor ALL comments in a category?

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  • I could, but that is not the purpose of the addon. You can try putting a button on the dashboard interface which, when pressed, bookmarks all discussions for everybody. Not quite sure what the MySQL query should be, but if you are interested, that's why it's open source

  • Which add-on is used for this particular forum then as I always receive email notifications if someone comments on my bookmarked discussions. I too would like this feature so people do not believe they are being ignored after putting up a post, without having to manually check the forum all day.

    Cheers :)
  • @bezzoh that feature is part of core vanilla. This addon leverages that functionality.

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  • How to I enable that feature on my forum? Am I just being completely stupid and overlooking something completely obvious or is it hidden in the config file somewhere?
  • It's a user preference. I believe you can set defaults for new users using a config setting. But as it stands, you should be able to go into your profile and enable email notifications for bookmarked discussions.

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  • Bizarrely I dont get those tick boxes in my notification settings like I do on this site. They're just not there. I have 1 line of tickboxes for normal notifications only, not email notifications.
  • The section heading though is email notifications. If you have a check box for notifications for bookmarked posts, then that is what it means.

    Try it out. Bookmark a discussion and create a test user to comment on it. It should email you.

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  • Indeed it is... however they're not working :(

    I have every tick-box ticked, and have tried various combinations of some boxes being ticked and others not being. I however only receive the notification on the site not by email, even though my SMTP settings are configured correctly and emails are relayed for new posts because of this add-on.

    Its clearly a fault or config issue with my install (which is where i need the help), although this is the 2nd incarnation of this forum with a completely fresh install yesterday (i just imported the old database) so i cant understand where i've gone wrong twice...
  • And you're sure that something's not treating your email as spam? Gmail's spam filters are pretty aggressive.

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  • Yes quite. Its my own SMTP server. Nothing has been quarantined and no NDR's are returned. Its just as if the forum isnt sending the notifications out at all.
  • lucluc ✭✭
    Are you using SMTP or the sendmail command?
  • SMTP is configured in the Outgoing Mail settings on the Dashboard.

    It is using an internal SMTP server by IP address, and works fine for this add-on.

    Is there somewhere else I should be looking for notification emails?
  • Might want to wait for a reponse from one of the devs then. I'm not sure. I haven't had this problem.

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  • Sorted it.

    The email address the posts were coming from was a completely made-up SMTP address and was not associated to any particular mailbox (as i didn't want replies). I have now added this email address as an additional SMTP address to my account in Exchange and notifications seem to be flowing.

    Hope this info comes in use to someone else in the future.
  • Thanks for the plugin :)

    I can see why you've leveraged the bookmarked discussion notification functionality but... it ends up with users having an absolute tonne of bookmarked discussions list in the right-hand side. This feels a bit awkward.

    I can't help thinking this plugin would be better if it disabled and superseded the core functionality of the notification system OR added an option of 'Notify me when people comment on a discussion I have commented on/participated in' to 'My preferences'.

    What are your thoughts? (I'm not a plugin dev so I've no idea if this is even possible...)
  • It is possible, but I made an extension and I haven't touched the Vanilla-core (which only core members can modify). If you want something like this, write to the main devs, todd, mark etc.

  • Ah, I wasn't aware you couldn't add to existing preference panes. Cheers.
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