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[ProxyConnect] Suddenly started looping when trying to log in

edited November 2010 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
Until today, my ProxyConnect has been working fine. It has suddenly stopped working and I am wondering if anyone has encountered this.

I have checked the code is the same as it was a few days ago (when it was working), so I am beginning to suspect some state in the database has knocked it out.

When a user tries to go to /discussions overview while not logged in, ProxyConnect redirects them to /projecttalk/entry/signin?Target=discussions

This then redirects them to the CMS login page. That login page realises they are already logged in, so redirects back to Vanilla, and then the whole process starts again. The browser just appears to load for a minute, then (presumably after its maximum number of 302 redirect attempts) gives up.

At no point does the "authorisation URL" get checked, which would tell Vanilla that the user is logged in already.

If this is a new user, the user does not get created in Vanilla like they were a few days ago.

Could this be caused perhaps by some pollution of the browser cookies? The key here is that all the code looks the same as it did a few days ago when it was working perfectly, and it has been logging me in and out flawlessly for weeks.


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    Update: after struggling on all day, I tried another browser, and it worked immediately. Dhoh - should have tried that much earlier. FF is already logged in, and I have been reluctant to log out in case I cannot get back in. IE just goes into this loop, and Safari is happy just to log me in.

    So IE has something that has changed. I'll delete the cookies one by one and see if one of those was causing trouble.
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    edited November 2010
    Update2: I deleted the cookies that IE held for my site, and like magic, the looping disappeared and the thing is fixed. That's both a relief that it is working, and also a worry that ProxyConnect can be severely broken by something that happened to the cookies in the browser. It is like the browser ate a poison pill and ProxyConnect threw a wobbly each time it saw that browser.

    IE is not exactly helpful in allowing you to look at cookie details, so I cannot say what it was, but watch that space - something is going on in there. It could even be down to cookie lifetimes, with perhaps the CMS cookie being renewed? Dunno, perhaps this will all mean something to someone.

    I'm on Vanilla 2.0.14 and ProxyConnect 1.8.4
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