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Content handler before default filters

msikmamsikma New
edited December 2010 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
Hi there, I'm new to Vanilla2 and in order to teach myself the ropes I've started working on a simple BBCode parser plugin.

I ran into a problem when writing the function for [img] tags. Normally you'd format the [img] tag like this:
The problem is that by BBCode parsing script is performed *after* the regular filters have been applied, so the [img] tag receives an HTML link as the content instead of just a plain text image URI.

Here's my code:

<?php if (!defined('APPLICATION')) exit();

$PluginInfo['SaltCode'] = array(
'Name' => 'SaltCode',
'Description' => 'Blha blah blah',
'Version' => '1.0',
'Author' => 'Michiel Sikma',
'AuthorEmail' => '',
'AuthorUrl' => '',
'License' => 'GNU GPLv2'

/*TODO You can set up some options here. */
$options = array(
/* Convert two
tags to wraps. */
'br_to_p' => true,

/* Removes superfluous
tags if there are more than two consecutive ones. */
'trim_br' => false,

/* Avoid using browser-specific CSS prefixes. */
'avoid_css_prefix' => false,

/* Install the SaltCode class as a singleton. */
Gdn::FactoryInstall('SaltCodeFormatter', 'SaltCode', dirname(__FILE__).DS.'classSaltCode.php', Gdn::FactorySingleton);
Gdn::Factory('SaltCodeFormatter')->Setup('saltcode', $options);

class SaltCodePlugin extends Gdn_Plugin
* Format each comment using the SaltCode class.
public function DiscussionController_AfterCommentFormat_Handler(&$Sender)
$Sender->EventArguments['Object']->FormatBody = Gdn::Factory('SaltCodeFormatter')->Filter($Sender->EventArguments['Object']->FormatBody);

* Only performed on enable.
public function Setup()
SaveToConfig('Plugins.SaltCode.Enabled', TRUE);

* Only performed on disable.
public function OnDisable()
SaveToConfig('Plugins.SaltCode.Enabled', FALSE);
I would assume that the DiscussionController_AfterCommentFormat_Handler needs to be something else, but what? (I got that function name from another plugin.)



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    Okay, I figured out that these events are fired in the discussion/helper_functions.php file of the Vanilla views. From there I was able to find the right event that I needed: BeforeCommentBody

    I actually tried that before but it didn't work. The reason, however, was that the FormatBody attribute isn't available in the $Sender->EventArguments['Object'] at that time; it's just Body, which gets copied to FormatBody later.
    	public function DiscussionController_BeforeCommentBody_Handler(&$Sender)
    $Sender->EventArguments['Object']->Body = Gdn::Factory('SaltCodeFormatter')->Filter($Sender->EventArguments['Object']->Body);
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